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"Halloween Do-Over" Sponsors

     We appreciate our "Halloween Do-Over" Sponsors for all that they have done and for their continued support, without them this would not be possible, there are many groups that supported our valiant effort of which will be mentioned in other events to come, however for the "Halloween Do-Over" these were the ones who were the first to contribute, in general this was a community effort to "Initiate Community Action". This is the beginning of our efforts to make change and to let the public be more aware of a non-profit that is limitless in its ability to shape students, a charity we should share and support as part of our community giving. Please follow our story as we assist the STUDENTdirect Charitable Foundation into a non-profit public charity our children's children can be proud of.   


Crown City Kings

We were first introduced to Crown City Kings through the STUDENTdirect Charitable Foundation's marketing intern Cameron. As enthusiasts ourselves we were drawn to this group where meaningful friendships were developed. As Raymond, a founding member and advocate of Crown City Kings describes it, we are not only car enthusiasts but families sharing this same love with our children and communities. Initially this group was proposed by young students who came up with a business plan and direction. Such an individual is Brooks, who is very talented in a variety of mediums of photography, literally their is no shot he will not attempt to take. This is definitely a diverse club of which we appreciate all they are willing to do as a group for the STUDENTdirect Charitable Foundation. Though their role has not been defined as this is only the beginning it is clear that they will be a vital part of upcoming fundraisers for the Charity. We thank you Crown City Kings for all the good experiences and shared moments and someday making change through friendships built by our interests.

Rusnak Pasadena Jaguar

Our relationship with Rusnak Pasadena Jaguar first began at an annual Aids Service Center gala where a beautiful Jaguar was on display. Following which we met their friendly sales team, since we have only had good experiences with Rusnak Pasadena Jaguar whether it be their sales department, or their gm Sam, or their service department: Ralph, Williams, Michael, and the rest of their team. Rusnak not only serves as a high end dealership but they also believe in supporting their communities, we have experienced this with charities that we believe in such as Our Commitment, the Aids Service Center, and the STUDENTdirect Charitable Foundation. Thank you Rusnak Pasadena Jaguar. 

Kiwanis International

Since 2011 the STUDENTdirect Charitable Foundation has had strong relationships with Kiwanis International where they have partnered with us in a majority of our events. They have provided the Foundation with both volunteers, press, and financial contributions as it is their mission to help the youth, a primary focus of STUDENTdirect's Youth Initiative. We appreciate all the Kiwanis members who have been vital in fostering and maintaining this relationship, thank you Kiwanis International for believing in the STUDENTdirect Charitable Foundation, a non-profit started by students for students to be the change, to lead the way.

Paul Dolce

Michael a board member of the STUDENTdirect Charitable Foundation really did his part as through his company he has provided volunteers of the STUDENTdirect Charitable Foundation job opportunities. Further his company Paul Dolce provides a competitive service when it comes to your moving needs of which he donates a proportion of the proceeds to STUDENTdirect's campaign to help the youth and displaced. We thank you Michael of Paul Dolce for spearheading donations for this campaign.

Commercial Printing Network

Without Commercial Printing Network we would be at a loss for marketing related materials. We appreciate their service, the quality of the job, and their very competitive quotes. Throughout the process as a sponsor they would process all our payments weeks after the job was done providing us the financing options that we very much needed to make this event a success. Thank you Commercial Printing Network.

Marie Callender's

For many dinner benefits the Foundation's volunteers have always gone to Marie Callender's. Their pies are a great addition to any event, which adds to the experience for attendees. We thank you Marie Callender's for your continued support.   

Fresh and Easy

Fresh and Easy and its multiple locations have always provided us with the necessary materials to put on any event. Initiating Community Action has utilized them in the past for our Homeless Galas where members of the displaced community enjoy an evening where they are honored guests. In this setting they are entertained, something we take far too granted. We deeply appreciate Fresh and Easy for all their support. They have been instrumental in coordinating the ICA Displaced Initiative that the STUDENTdirect Charitable Foundation utilizes to inspire students to be our leaders.

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