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"Halloween Do-Over" Community Partners

       We thank our "Halloween Do-Over" Community Partners as without them this event would not be possible. They were the ones who first joined on board and believed in our vision of throwing a Halloween Party during December. Each organization gave us valuable contributions. This event is the first of many in STUDENTdirect's campaign to be a public 501c3 tax exempt organization. Here at YoungINC.LA we are privileged in being able to put this event on for a charity that shows great promise.

Glendale Shakeys

In our passion to find committed partners Juan of Glendale Shakeys stepped up to the plate providing us with many gift certificates to raffle off and award to the youth. This was valued as a $500 tax deductible donation, but more importantly a lasting partnership to get this event going and future events. Thank you Glendale Shakeys.


Caramia Gelato Eagle Rock Plaza

As we tried to reach out to local businesses who could help we developed an interesting partnership with Caramia Gelato Eagle Rock Plaza. Rene was very helpful in all of this and has provided us with $250 worth of gift certificates as well will be a vendor at the event sharing proceeds with the charity. We have valued this as a $500 tax deductible donation. We look forward to an on going relationship. Thank you Caramia Gelato.

Eagle Rock Hub of Arts and Culture

Now to make this event beyond spectacular we had to find the perfect location. We looked in the surrounding areas of Pasadena, all good places to put on a fundraiser, however the Eagle Rock Hub of Arts and Culture for what we were trying to do was the perfect fit. Jose of the Eagle Rock Hub of Arts and Culture loved what we were trying to accomplish that he made it as easy as possible to have our fundraiser at his event space. Having the Eagle Rock Hub as a partner has many advantages and we hope to build on this relationship and continue to do events with them. We have valued their contributions as a $500 tax deductible donation. Thank you Eagle Rock Hub of Arts and Culture.

We look forward in partnering with more groups as we support a variety of philanthropies.  Please keep us in mind, and for those who we did not get a chance to partner with there will be more opportunities to come. Thank you.

- YoungINC.LA Executive Team

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