THe NOWMAN Show is a variety show combining education with entertainment in a very unique FUN experience for all ages!

The superhero of the present moment and his journalist alter ego Dan "Nowman" Niswander are the hosts of The NOWMAN Show! It is entertainment. It is educational programming. It is about music, art, film, TV, radio and culture, as well as economics, permaculture, sustainability, politics, science.... and more!

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The NOWMAN Show: Black History Month- Dr. King, Stax Records, TLQ, Stevie Wonder, Cornell West, etc.
The Nowman Show: Comedian Jimmy Dore (The Jimmy Dore Show)- New Renaissance episode; 2023 promo
The Nowman Show:New Renaissance-Consciousness; featuring Edward Dowd Talking About Renaissance- clip
The Nowman Show: New Renaissance; Kelly Carlin, Eckhart Tolle, Russell Brand- Beyond EGO- clip
The Nowman Show: New Renaissance- John Fugelsang Discusses America's Needs for Love - clip
The Nowman Show: New Renaissance- Former Congressman Dennis Kucinich on the 'Joy of Living'- clip
The Nowman Show: Tributes To Jeff Beck, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Eddie Van Halen- 2023 Edit- 9-4
The Nowman Show: Top Censored Stories 2022 (highlights clip)- Assange, Ukraine, Pandemic- 2023 Clip