About The Narrative Dance Company

Dance has been a fixture in the human experience since time immemorial. Once used purely for religious reasons, it has expanded over the millennia to become an art form as diverse as the many cultures inhabiting the planet. As dance’s physical core, movement was used to convey emotions and ideas to pre-verbal humans. They understood that motion often means life and life is worth celebrating. As time progressed, oration overtook physical gestures as the primary form of communication for all.

However, due to the general lack of speech in dance, it is very difficult to convey complex ideas to the masses through the medium alone. Simple concepts such as sadness, elation or anger could be understood through dance but is usually considered boring and cliché in this increasingly cynical world. It is no longer a matter of “You’re sad” but “WHY are you sad?”. Emotion holds very little weight without reason and is soon forgotten.

Thus, THE NARRATIVE DANCE COMPANY, through the integrated use of theatre and film and music, can project those reasons in a clear, precise manner. It can be understood in a way that swells empathy and longing for a certain outcome in regards to a character or situation. In this way, the viewer is not merely watching a thing, but being sucked into its reality. They are finally experiencing rather than simply passing by.

THE NARRATIVE DANCE COMPANY’s staunch commitment to story and character development is it’s highest strength, with creativity as its backbone. There is no such thing as a “bad” idea, only ones that work or don’t work. This is not to say that dance technique suffers. Can’t have a decent dance company with untrained dancers. Base of operations will be in and around Los Angeles County. There are no tour plans currently. 

More information about its founder, owner and creative director can be found here: Daniel Seulkee Kim


Our VISION is to inspire unorthodox methods of storytelling using

various disciplines while rejecting the mundane “norm”.



to create experiences often times impossible through single mediums

alone and to invoke a sense of wonder, so lacking, in this unoriginal age.


The Narrative Dance Company Founders:
Daniel Kim

Executive Producers:
Joshua Chit Tun, Daniel Kim 

Production Manager:
Lexie Laundy

Social Media Content Manager:
Michaele Shaffer

Rebecca Mendiola

Visual Effects Consultants:
Brian Hipolito, Eric Febre

Music Composition Consultants:
Maximilian Mazzola

Public Relation Consultants:
Justin Quidilla, Lorenzo Byers

Marketing Consultants:
Cameron Coe 

21 Company Members
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Feeling proud.

With the amazing progress we are making I'm feeling extremely proud of my dancers and staff. The budget has been assured by Brian and Josh is working on obtaining some amazing venues. Currently we are done with a little more than half the show,…

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  • #NextGen Delegate
    Well done, I like how this group is coming along.... look forward in sharing future updates.
  • #NextGen Advocate

    The Narrative Dance Company should make an announcement about their upcoming auditions. Follow the article at http://younginc.la/getting-started/the-announcements-subtab-making-....

    Also, will behind-the-scenes footage be posted on YouTube or Vimeo?

    • I'll make an announcement. I don't have any of the original footage of any of the BTS so whomever has them (Brian, Justin, Josh?) will have to post. Brian Justin and Lex had volunteered to take over the social media aspect of NDC so I'll pass this down to them.


      • #NextGen Delegate
        Let me know when you have last weeks production notes posted, further as for the upcoming proposed shoot, post it as an announcement, further make sure all your company members have an account, send a group message by going to options, manage members, and then message group.

        Also I await when we merge the Narrative Dance Company Youtube Channel under the behind the scenes video section.

        To conclude the press/ photos tab please feature the photos you like the most, from there under options, manage pages, photos tab, please instruct the website to display feature photos, further if you want to make categories this is where you will do so.

        Thank you.

        - Joshua Chit Tun
      • #NextGen Delegate
        Thank you for the update.
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