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What is the Republican Agenda?

What is the Republican Agenda?

As a #ChristianConservative and being #prolife, I am interested in seeing the #RepublicanAgenda especially on these matters, further how they will handle the #lgbtcommunity as well #marriageequality.

In my opinion, I do think they will pass strict laws restricting abortion to rape and a few other circumstances.

As for the lgbt community they will accept as a genuine part of humanity. For marriage equality they will do their best to do away with, that is something I am not in agreement with. I believe in general we should be able to marry who we want to marry. Clearly until a woman can marry multiple men simultaneously and vice versa we are no where near what marriage equality truly means. In one instance a mother and son submitted a marriage application, their logic if a man and man can marry and a woman and woman can marry then why can a mother and son not marry.

In other words we need to better define what marriage equality is for practical application. Or simply marriage is the institution where man and man, woman and woman, can marry no different than man and women. Other instances would be considered immoral and unconstitutional.

But then that would mean where is the #religiousfreedom. As a spiritualist I believe people should be able to practice their own religions as long as its peaceful and does not harm others.

There is a difference between religion and extremists.

However my point is, not everyone will like the Republican agenda. They will have to address tough issues. Enforce regulations and in some cases better define the law for modern applications.

Will they build a wall, to me that is an expression, but they will surely secure the border.

Will they deport illegal immigrants, not to its entirety, but yes those who obstruct justice they will.

Will Hillary serve time in Federal Prison, though a possibility not advisable as it would make her symbolic, she is no political prisoner. It would create an undesirable outcome.

However I do believe many Democrat leaders who will not cooperate, especially in California will be publicly humiliated. Truth is, the Republicans are now the majority, they want to find resolutions, but if there are differences, well, most politicians, regardless of party can be identified with corruption.

As Trump eloquently puts it, he beat Hillary easily in the elections, I interpret that as Democrat leaders, you best cooperate with me, if not, well I just ended Hillary's political career, I can end yours.

Am I afraid, yes. Anytime a political party has all the power, well that is scary, that is something to fear. It is only a matter of time until California is no longer a Democrat state. And my biggest fear is the mobilization of the national guard. Further, California has no power, what military do we have, the military is not state by state, it is Federal, so it is best to listen and to understand, and if we disagree with the agenda then we need to vote, and to constantly vote, that is the way we maintain the integrity of our American Democracy.

As for the economic policies I have mix opinions, but the one thing that is constant, as long as the government is stable, regardless of party, a rich person will always remain a rich person. So if that is true, than the one thing we can fight for, is more jobs, better paying jobs, better working conditions. As a society we too must be realistic with our expectations.

So these are some of the things I got from Donald Trump's first interview as President-elect.

Like Mr. Obama stated, if you succeed, America succeeds.

So whatever your religion maybe, please send your prayers to our President-elect, his family, his administration, and America, as we take on the next four years, in a decade plagued with inequality and disparity.

Joshua Chit Tun#rebelsenator

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