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The Presidential election, what is a better America?

This #electionday will be a sad day for many #Americans, however I believe this #election is more than just Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, it is more than just #Republicans and #Democrats, it is about the #Americanpeople.

Most Americans want a better America. I want a better America, we want a better America.

And regardless of election standings we should not dismiss what we have learned in this election.

#BernieSanders and free education. #JillStein and one pay universal healthcare. #GaryJohnson and a balanced budget.

Many people have come to vote, those who believe in jobs in America, those who are part of the Latin community, young #millennials, women, the elderly, proof that in America #Democracy exists.

However we can not dismiss the misinformation in politics, the political bias, money politics, and the general corruption.

There needs to be accountability. And as we progress as both Bernie's and Stein's campaign has shown, can Democracy truly exist if #Capitalism thrives.

America has real issues, from our trade policies, to #blacklivesmatter and for that matter all lives matter, to our economics, and our way of life, to healthcare, to the environment.

What is to come will not be easy, we must get passed our differences, learn from each other and rebuild.

If this election has taught me one thing, the next generation should no longer be observers, but be participants. The decisions we make today, they are the ones who will be most affected tomorrow.

And when I say participate, I am not just saying vote, I am saying be the #NextGenPolitician. We need more political parties, we need third party candidates, we need more young people making decisions for #TrueDemocracy to exist.

This process starts today, not 4 years from now, but today, it is time to get organized so we can be the change the world needs.

Joshua Chit Tun#rebelsenator

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I believe we need to fight to restore our faith in humanity.



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