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Should We Protest?

Should We Protest?

When it comes to protesting, we must always ask why and what is the desired outcome. In the recent protests that followed the historic US Presidential elections I feel, it is the vocal minority and the misunderstood, not all youth in America feels this way. However we should not dismiss the protests, but learn from them.

That being said at some point these protests need to stop, before things continue to escalate.

For this discussion I am all for positivity and not perpetuating hate, but love.

But in this current climate, I now know what must be done when I am older.

Words to remember, which young people do you think will hold the power in the years to come, the youth who are protesting or the youth who are getting organized and rebuilding their communities.

All these events affect us, and clearly youth can be volatile, so what happens when there is a change of wealth, a change of power to the next generation.

They will not forget these protests, these events, and they will do what is necessary to protect their families.

And no I am not saying that the protesters will one day be the power, will one day be the wealth.

Protesting and social activism are two different things though related, seperate, for instance I always advocate we need to fight for humanity, however I do not consider myself a protestor but a social activist.

But that being said there is always a time to protest, this is not the time. As for the many older Americans who voted they have had some experience with nations at war, so I have to remind everyone that even our elders were once the youth, and yes they fought a few wars, how many wars have we fought. There is always something to be learned even from groups we disagree with.

Now when it comes to protesting, if you want to protest, protest the young Dictator of North Korea, and let us see what happens, this is still America, we have to be considerate to all of America, this is most inconvenient and inconsiderate. I made this reference because many have used such hateful words. Until those words are facts we must give our country a chance, but yes let us hold our country accountable but this is not the way, let us stop perpetuating the hate.

However, I do believe that we need to work towards equality and more specifically equal access, that is not the same as equal results, it just means we all should have the same opportunities, and as a society we have to prepare that even with equal access and opportunities people will still fail, so there needs to be a bottom line where we agree to give them aide, those that fail. People do fail all the time. 

I have failed more than once, so we need to put that in perspective.

We need to help each other and that will always be a constant for humanity to succeed.

And though we do not have equal access or equal opportunity at the moment, and though there is racial discrimination, and tremendous economic inequality, and though these issues must always be addressed, perpetuating the hate is not the solution simply because our President elect is Trump, simply because our government majority is Republicans, simply because the older generation came out, voted, and said no to Hillary.

If anything protest the Democrat Party for not nominating Bernie Sanders, majority of the problem "our youth in despair" is what took place at the DNC, but even in that statement alone there is still division because an equal amount of people supported Hillary, so what are these protests for.


Have you not noticed that some people always point the blame, in my many years of management, I have always done my best to accept responsibility before moving towards a resolution with my team.

Now for solutions that we can be a part of, things we can directly contribute to, I say it is our communities, our families, our children, our environment.

Let us improve those things.

I am all for community development and cooperatives. But that takes work, that takes effort, and along the way we may fail, but it does not mean we give up, it means we work harder, and it means we stay united. Difference of opinions will always be permitted, but in the end we always must take a step moving forward, we must always perpetuate positivity, not negativity.

If we all understood how systematic wealth works, then it is dense populations that perpetuates this true plague.

Too many people is just too many people.

No I am not a Donald Trump supporter, in fact I voted Bernie Sanders, but in recent events I have realized that young people in America, at least these protestors are not with me.

But I know there is hope, I know there are enough young americans that want a good life, prosperity, wealth, equality, and stability.

It is those youth that my organizations will be working with, because I want to know what these young people think are the solutions. They are our future.

Truth is they are the ones who will be hired, yes the ones in high schools, the ones in grades schools, not those who are in their mid to late 20s, it is a tough reality that I was made aware of when I was a young man in my 20s. Something we should all consider.

And regardless of circumstances people get married or they do not, but they do have children.

So my hope is not in this generation of young americans, but in the next generation of young americans, the opportunities of this country belongs to you, and likewise the problems, please be better than us where we have failed.

Do solve our countries problems, you were born without hate, you were born with acceptance and tolerance.

I put my faith in our children as they are the future and remember, nothing is as simple as protesting, what we need is community action, we are counting on all of you to be better than us, never forget.

Joshua Chit Tun#rebelsenator

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