#NextGen Advocate
The Myanmar Review Interviews Joshua Chit Tun on the Current State of Myanmar and the Fight for Democracy

The Myanmar Review reached out to Joshua Chit Tun early this year to conduct this interview. His responses are paramount when it comes to leading, he believes that the next generation will redefine the current political landscape, that their future can be in their capable hands, and he hopes that this article will serve as a guide to them, as they have inspired him.

1. What will you help for the affair of Democracy of Myanmar if you are a senator of America?

As a US Senator there is much that I can do, dependent on what policies I advocate and which committees I sit on. However I want to note that what must be achieved will be addressed far before I become a US Senator. I believe that STUDENTdirect International will be strategic in the efforts of a better Burma, and it will not end there as STUDENTdirect will fight for Democracy as long as there are young people willing to get organized, who are ready to take on the responsibility, and lead.

I know many lack the experience. I know I am no different but if parents and those of past generations empowered their children to lead, entrust in them responsibility and maturity, it will be amazing what they will experience, what the world will become. Anything and everything will be possible.

I remind myself this journey will not be easy, the road quite difficult, and the obstacles many, but this is necessary as children are the future and at this moment we are throwing their future away. This must stop immediately.

So as I campaign for the US Senate, it is not about me becoming a US Senator but every young person in every nation that wants to be liberated to stand together and take on the responsibility as #NextGenLeaders. We must protect our future, our home, and our freedom to think better, become better.

We must do this for Democracy to succeed. I can not stress the importance of women in all of this, I would like to entrust Burma's future in them, the many women who have fought for freedom, the many women who raised their children to be young adults who can do better, think better, and thrive.

For Democracy to succeed a plan of action must be discussed in regards to Burma's youth in the areas of education, accessibility, leadership, and community development.

This is not me talking, but this is Burma's youth talking, I am a coward I have achieved nothing, it is these organizers who have done and who have overcome, it is because of them that such a word as Joshua Chit Tun exists.

Further we must come up with a decisive plan to create laws that are fair and just and allows for enterprise and innovation. My team exists and are dedicated in achieving this.

We are aware of the current situation of education, career development, healthcare, environment, and the lack thereof. So we need the generation next to be innovative, disciplined, and determined. We need to leverage technology and social media to new heights. I say this because I truly believe the Burmese youth can change the world as other nations need to be liberated.

As such better internet for I am just one person, so when I say these things must be done, it is because of the many people that believe in all that I advocate and as STUDENTdirect International working together without borders this could be achieved. We need humanitarians. If the US Senate gets involved it only accelerates the process, but at the same time nothing political is ever accelerated, so I say become the solution, you are #NextGenLeaders not career politicians. This should not be a political issue but a humanitarian effort.

I will quote a Filipina Educator:

As for the Lady, she has the power. The power to influence. It's vague, of course and democracy without a system, does not define democracy after all. Until there is a system and methods on how to eradicate imperialism, monopoly of capitalists, oppression among minority and indigenous groups-- then that could be the starting point of revolution.

2. Let me know about your opinion for the future of Myanmar under the management of Daw Aung San Su Kyi?

At this very moment I was not aware that the future of Burma was under the Lady's management. But as a risk taker I like to speculate.

So if she is the one with the power I want her to give determined young people official positions to lead and represent different sectors as well as help them become senators in Burma and create more parties, that's how democracy can exist. How many parties are in Burma I do not know, but I despise the idea of a two party system, that's not democracy but an authoritative government disguised as democracy.

But if innovation is part of this new management, I guess in that context it doesn't really matter if Daw Aung San Su Kyi is leader of a free Burma. What matters more is new management which means a Burma with a future. What is needed is systematic change.

I wanted to speculate, I apologize I am a realist. I do not believe in false hope but hard work and that many people are required for a sustainable solution so without education and youth that are empowered this is the same theatrics I've heard of Burma my entire life which is almost three decades. I do not care for noble peace prizes I just want results.

It would be nice to see the Lady really get involved with the youth. To really improve the education and economics of Burma. I know Burma believes in her as she has championed for Democracy. Now I want to see her champion for the next generation.

I will quote a Burmese Youth:

The only reason that young people are not chosen as leaders is that they lack of experiences.

Experiences matter. But what they don't know is that leadership is not all about experiences.

It's about being responsible and working together as a whole. Young people should be leading more because they are more creative and innovative. I guess we call ourselves the Y generation. We generation are emotional as well.

As you can see, a lot of charity foundations and online donations, animal shelters are run by the youths.

3. Are the powerful defenders needed for the path of Democracy of Myanmar?

Indeed Burma is in need of powerful defenders in its path to Democracy. But I want to define that these defenders do not necessarily have to be Burmese. I believe the Burmese people can find strength in that. Because what Burma is trying to achieve which is noble will take much effort and resources. These powerful defenders will come from within and beyond Burma's borders. I believe international groups, media, the internet, young people advocating all over the world, if this can be organized effectively we will start to understand the definition of powerful defenders, but in the end I once more believe it is the previous generation encouraging and empowering their children and their children's children that only then will this be reality. Things have to change.

The Burmese people need to come together, get past their ethnic differences, and be united as one, and as one fight against discrimination and promote equality, they need to become the powerful defenders of democracy. There is a saying, become the change you want to see.

I will quote a Burmese LGBT Activist:

Most of the systems has the pros and cons. If there is the breaking of human rights and other rights and properties of citizens, the country need for the true powerful defender. Moreover , The unfaithful promise of the politicians have to against by the strength of defender movements. In my option ,the true defenders can monitoring and evaluating for every parliaments and its members. Citizen are need them to fight for their rights.

4. What kind of person should be selected for the president from National league for Democracy?

Former US President Abraham Lincoln once said:

Democracy is a government by the people, for the people, and of the people.

Democracy is a government in which the supreme power is vested in the people. It is a type of government in which there is an absence of hereditary and arbitrary class distinctions and privileges.

Given these definitions and descriptions of what democracy is, someone who has the heart, mind, soul and spirit for the people and their best welfare is deemed fit to be selected for the president from National League for Democracy. Someone who is altruistic enough to give himself/ herself to the service of his/ her constituents within and beyond borders of his/ her scope of authority. Someone who is an advocate of human rights.

We usually relate democracy to freedom—but freedom is not just an absence of oppressors and colonies. Freedom is more than that.
Democracy is when each child can enjoy the right to education. Democracy is when each eligible voter can exercise their right to suffrage. Democracy is when people can freely voice out their stand on local and national issues. Democracy is when there is equal treatment among the elite and impoverished. Democracy is when there’s absence of corruption. If someone from NLD thinks and lives out these ideals, then he/she is fit to lead.

This is what was shared with me as #NextGenLeaders and I stand behind that. If such a person exists that is the individual who should be selected for president by the National League for Democracy. Further an individual that will fight for the rights of children and work with organizations like Save the Children International to achieve such goals. I feel that children's rights are lacking in Burma and someone needs to be their champion. This individual must have maturity and be able to progress, to have the understanding, and at times decide what is best. I want to see a President that champions LGBT Rights, that would be a testament of leadership, courage, and understanding. There are groups like the LGBT Rights Network, but so much more needs to be done. There are other issues such as health, the rural areas vs. industrial, the ethnic conflicts, the refugees, the people's well being, and the lack of opportunity.

So does such a person exist, if they do once more I believe it will be in the next generation and when the change is systematic, because there is a lot of work ahead, and when I say that that is an understatement.

In the end it does not really matter who they choose, because nothing has really changed, change is when they empower the next generation. That is my personal opinion, not a fact, I would love to be proven wrong, because that means the situation has improved, Burma has become better.

I will quote a Burmese Freedom Fighter:

My opinion on the future of Myanmar under the management of Daw Aung San Su Kyi is that I don't trust her. I have my reasons a reason is because her partners were imprisoned and she hasn't done anything about which it makes it seems like she careless.

Also a lot of people were put at risk for her, I myself was imprisoned because of her And yes I love her as a person.

There's students leaders who are still in prison for almost a year and being tortured, she hasn't done anything about it.

A person that should be elected is a person who understands the people's problems and their suffering. Also willing to fight for then and his/her needs for others needs.

My advice would be to educate the people. And to switch the military with good people. They don't have a honest election. They cheat. And the people don't like Some of the representatives people don't choose them.

5. Please advice for the affair of Myanmar Democracy and give suggestion for National league for Democracy?

As STUDENTdirect International puts it, Democracy needs powerful defenders. For Myanmar, the first need is unity, especially ethnic unity. This is something the NLD and all parties must put in perspective. Find those differences that makes us stronger as a nation. I know this may come off rude, but as someone that is multi-ethnic, I feel that instead of discriminating let us overcome. As such the unity between younger generations and older generations, the unity between youth organizations, the unity between different and similar is very important. Further these powerful defenders and in my opinion they are not the career politicians, they are you the everyday person, the everyday worker, the mother, the father, the daughter, the son, the students, the community leaders, the organizers, and the activists, you are this nation's defenders and you must focus on country development and people welfare. You as powerful defenders is what makes a nation qualify as a real democracy. This unity is important. This unity can create powerful defenders for check and balance democracy and I will stand behind this and assist in every way, but first we must focus on your community, your workplace, your family, if this improves we can go beyond the government, create a change that will offer opportunity and prosperity for your children and children's children. Much must be done.

So to me to achieve the larger picture you must help yourself, organize information, share resources, and mobilize, this to me is Initiating Community Action (ICA). We are not as helpless as we think we are, especially if we can get organized effectively. In my reasoning and in all that I have done, I have never depended on what already exists, instead I focus on what does not exist and in that process create leaders that I can follow, I believe this attitude is necessary in the affairs of Myanmar Democracy.

As for the NLD, my advice to them is to contact JBM Community, Inc, the group that manages my US Senate Campaign Liberating Nations and they may do so by direct messaging Chit Tun for US Senate on social media. It is really that simple. Further they need to look at organizing and prioritizing their resources. We all lack finances including myself, there is never enough money to change the world especially if it is systematic and permanent. However there is a solution, in fact I am envious of it, it is the Burmese youth and their desire and determination to improve their country, to create opportunities, and to be liberated.

With #NextGenLeaders, and in these experiences I realized it is time and how people choose to spend their time that creates value and if used effectively a resource you can depend upon.

Just think about what happens when people do because they believe, because they are determined, because you instilled that desire. This is what the NLD must do, have #NextGenLeaders within their political party.

As such there is need for stronger and younger management. That is when they can re- organize their goals. Find developments and community initiatives that brings results. Show progress where they can show progress, and if they must, compromise a little, because leaders can do what is best for their people, when they realize it is what is best for them.

In the end, I am not the NLD, I am #NextGenLeaders ( http://www.nextgenleaders.info/ ), so there is no point in me giving advice as I hold no power within the NLD, but imagine what can be achieved if #NextGenLeaders were given that responsibility or better yet, if they gave real power to the Burmese youth.

So my suggestion to the NLD, get involved with #NextGenLeaders, make a trip to the US of A, meet with me and my team, and we will facilitate a discussion and event if need be. We will show them how to use their resources effectively to empower generation next and to achieve Democracy as their leader the Lady has championed for decades. I would like to see the post that reads NLD is under new management. For those who understand, I thank you, you are the #NextGenLeaders of your nation.

Last there is a lot of work ahead so do not waste any moment.

I will quote a Burmese Education Rights Activist:

Human resource, brain resource, education resource is the main vain of country especially for democracy countries. I am devoted most of my life and time for future leader by supporting education. We need to create good environment for young generation.

In addition, we need to respect our elder generation. We need to organize young and old generation to have less faults. I believe most of Myanmar people are already brighter, intelligent and try hard.

If most people of Myanmar have many chances, hopes associated with strong education background, Democracy will more alive and more meaningful. I am trying education sector.

6. Let me know the rules of selection of American and the different between American and Myanmar elections?

As I know there are only two political parties that dominates in America. As for Myanmar it is a little bit more complicated. American elections are fair, but greatly influenced by media and special interest groups. Our problem is we are governed by a two party political system which is out of date as our citizens have diversified their interests and needs where the current politics leaves many unsatisfied.

As for elections in Myanmar they are not fair such as wrong ID number, Father's name, address, extra people in voting list issued by election committee, late advance vote ballot, and so forth and so on.

Further both countries are plagued with the same problems as other nations which is majority of candidates are career politicians and in many ways incompetent leaders.

The whole purpose of elections are to determine in a Democratic way who is the most qualified to lead, who is the most competent, and the process should help assist the general population to determine who this leader and representative should be. At JBM Community after much research we feel that this process has failed, so more importantly than the rules and the differences is the change to come, the end results, to have competent leaders and representatives, and to do so one must go beyond the process. The general public needs advocates in the electoral process, not career politicians.

As part of Generation Next, we realized that, no matter the situation and lack of conventional power, we have the responsibility and urgency to safeguard the future. This urgency comes from our own experience of previous generations' negligent disinterest. They irrationally blame Generation Next for the world's current plight, yet they squander their power and actively block us from leadership. Because of this selfishness and shortsightedness, Generation Next have embraced technology, collaboration, innovation, sustainability, and our own potential in order to overcome such obstacles and to become stronger. Those that hold these principles paramount and will change their government into a nation of people are #NextGenLeaders.

With my bid for US Senate, I will ignite these #NextGenLeaders in traditionally disparate locations and ideologies to overcome these superficial, historical differences, to collaborate in order to vanquish stubborn international issues, and to show the nobility of humanity.

My goal to fundamentally change humanity with comprehensive, multilateral solutions has led us to establish JBM ( http://www.jbmstrategies.com/ ). One of its subsidiaries, JBM Community, Inc, ( http://www.jbmcommunity.info/ ) is responsible to usher in #NextGenLeaders to the world and to do what is necessary for them to win. JBM Community, Inc's consultant and my campaign manager, Brian Antezana, understood this vision and has made sure that this campaign changes the world and US politics and inspires #NextGenLeaders to rise and win. We pioneered campaigns to be scalable, effective, and influential on the international arena with minimal resources so that #NextGenLeaders campaign can be conducted in any nation. For example, my campaign for US Senate have been achieving this goal with US $0.00. If you are ready to become a #NextGenLeaders candidate or to establish a #NextGenLeaders party, get in contact with JBM Community, Inc (at http://www.jbmcommunity.info/ ).

I prepared my whole life for this cause--this election is just but one testament of my commitment. In order to unleash this human potential, I have created several tech solutions that you can access and apply to your local community. You can become a delegate and advocate for your community by becoming part of STUDENTdirect International (at http://www.studentdirectinternational.info/ ). You can improve your local community by organizing likeminded individuals by becoming part of Initiating Community Action (at http://www.initiatingcommunityaction.info/ ). If you want to innovate and collaborate on interesting projects and startups, apply to become part of YoungINC.LA (at http://www.younginc.la/ ). If you are interested in becoming a political candidate or want to know more about how to establish a #NextGenLeaders political party, explore #NextGenLeaders (at http://www.nextgenleaders.info/ ). This election for US Senate is to empower you, but, as much faith I have in you, you now have the responsibility to pick up your mobile telephone, visit these websites, and join these communities. My election will be a success if you do; it will be a failure if you do not, no matter if the United States elect me as their senator, we happily sacrificed our lives, relationships, family, friends, security, and social acceptance in order to give you agency, but we do so because you give us purpose and hope.

And to me this is the difference between America and Myanmar, because in Burma the next generation has been ignited and American students await for your leadership. Let history know that it is the #NextGenLeaders of Burma who pioneered Democracy for this generation.

For those who are seriously considering joining me as #NextGenLeaders in this fight for Democracy, here are a few things to consider. I think everyone lacks experience, because we are always learning, it is easy to say someone lacks experience but what are you doing to help them gain experience, further what is harder is to do the research and see how much experience a person has gained. So the question is not that we lack experience but is the next generation responsible and I say we are, because how much discrimination do we need to experience. Enough is enough.

I will quote a Burmese expatriate:

For the Myanmar democracy, we need a change. This change is not only system of administration but also residents mind set. If Myanmar really need to change, please change people mind-set first. Myanmar residents forget to change them self and blame on the government. Hopefully NLD can change both system and people mind -set.

7. What will change after election of Myanmar and under the Management of new government?

What I do know is that an election has been won, but I ask myself what has truly changed because this is just the beginning, and what new management, what new government. Burma is definitely on the path of democracy where there will be economic growth, security, and education. However it will take hard work and discipline. It will take competent management as there is so much to be done. It will take a unified effort to achieve this. What the Burmese people need is equality and justice and good people to do their part regardless of their party and regardless of which government.

As such I want to be part of that change, that transition, and work with leadership and management that is determined to give results, and I say this to encourage the next generation to think likewise. What matters more than party and government is results. If those results are achieved than democracy is achieved.

Hard work that drives results, that is change.

Thus, no one person should control the government, for instance even in companies, they observe democratic procedures, such as when the Board of Directors vote on proposed policies, it is the levels of management that then executes these policies, this authority is entrusted to the management by the Board of Directors, the Board of Directors are accountable to the stake holders and as such without this management and this structure you have no company.

Further management is divided into lower, middle, and upper. Those different levels must be effective so each person can be a vital link, so operations can continue, and services provided.

To lead a great nation you can not operate without management and structure, instead you must lead them and empower them, help them become effective managers, because what managers do, it is not easy, in fact what everyone does is not easy.

This is probably why most people avoid politics, because there is a lack of effective managers, and it is more theatrics, because with or without politicians some form of government will exist because people have needs and those needs must be managed.

So this must be the change after elections under any proposed management, under any current government.

And as no one is above anyone, some may have more responsibilities, and others do to protect those that can not, but no one person is above all and the person who bares the responsibility to lead, they lead because they advocate for the many, not the many for one.

That being said more competent managers and effective organizers are needed in elected positions. I know the next generation is smarter than to believe in false hope. So I challenge all those who support change to demand for better management in their own party, and ask the next generation to lead and ask the what ifs, because these theatrics affects generation next more than current political leaders.

I know that as for me and my organizations we will commit to seeing change within the next generation as they progress and take responsibility for the well being of their nation and future generations.

I will quote a JBM Community Consultant:

With this new legislative body, the people of Myanmar have gained the option to organize on a national level. Although the National League for Democracy (NLD) has won the majority of seats in the legislature, Myanmar cannot solely rely on this party to enact the change that they wish to see due to how the constitution limits legislative authority. The vanguards of Myanmar are #NextGenLeaders who realize this situation and will organize and influence their country with comprehensive, multilateral solutions that will overcome upcoming obstacles in unconventional methods.

While the NLD will take this time to compromise to the military with representatives that do not have the skills to bring about equitable agreements, these #NextGenLeaders will take the opportunity to use JBM's supranational solutions, such as STUDENTdirect International and #NextGenLeaders on http://www.younginc.la/, in order to be able to more adeptly mobilize Myanmar's military, the NLD, and international support to progress Myanmar and humanity. These stalwarts from Generation Next will create their nonpolitical network to influence the next elections by embracing technology, collaboration, innovation, sustainability, and the potential of each human being.

8. What are you studying about Myanmar?

Its people and what its people must do to become lasting democracy. Further my team at YoungINC.LA is looking into how much money is needed and in what ways it must be reinvested to build a Democratic nation where there is opportunity.

In addition research is being done to understand what civil peace means in Myanmar. If we cannot build a civil peace, we cannot build a democratic nation.

I have also taken great lengths to understand what is needed to make education succeed so that the next generation can lead, and if this can happen I understand the economy will also improve because young people are innovative. I spend most of my days directly communicating with those innovators via my personal social media account Joshua Chit Tun. It consumes me, but what I learn through this, is tremendous.

Poverty is definitely a concern especially when corruption thrives, and I have been told that knowledge is power, so I find myself constantly studying, because to overcome these issues one must do thorough research and then one can lead.

So I study relentlessly, so one day I can lead my people to a better future, one where they are in control and their children prosperous. I imagine a future where there is national pride where we are effective in world matters, and this will be done because we inspired the #NextGenLeaders of Burma, for we are STUDENTdirect International.

I will quote a STUDENTdirect Board Member:

We established STUDENTdirect Charitable Foundation (STUDENTdirect) as a platform where students, educators, advisors, and professionals can communicate and collaborate internationally in order to ensure humanity's progress and survival. During the time we founded STUDENTdirect, the global community was undergoing one of the greatest recession since the 1930's.

Militaries, politicians, corporations, and nongovernmental organizations exploited students for their own gain without any regard to the students' futures that the recession also diminished. The severity of the recession was due to financial institutions' greed and the global community's apathy to regulate them.

In addition to our embrace of technology and our resolve to prevent such an avoidable, global catastrophe to befall upon future generations, we created STUDENTdirect in order to unite the best, the brightest, and the most innovative humans on this planet so that, as one force, they can ensure progress and to change these countries of money into a nation of people.

9. When do usually come to Myanmar?

In my imagination and what I mean by that is every time I respond to a direct message on social media, I feel connected to that person, and when they share a video, a photo, or audio file, in that moment they take me to where they are, to me the people of Burma are Myanmar, so everyday I visit Myanmar, and everyday my room is transformed. It is amazing what the imagination can perceive.

I one day hope that I can dress in traditional Myanmar clothing so in this way in that moment I can share my culture to others and they too can experience Myanmar.

Plus I think I will look good in traditional Myanmar clothing.

10. Do you have any plan to come Myanmar?

I plan to come to Myanmar once I am in the US Senate, and when everything has settled and the #NextGenLeaders of Burma have created a better future.

11. Is your Myanmar name the same, may i know the reason of the establishment of STUDENTdirect Charitable Foundation and responsibility?

If I do have a Myanmar name I am not aware of it. What I do know is my name is Joshua Chit Tun, my initials J.C., pronounced as Jaycee. What is interesting is my Christian friends always remind me the meaning of my name. They tell me that Joshua means God's Savior. It is a good Christian name and I like it, as such I have always done my best to do more.

The establishment of the STUDENTdirect Charitable Foundation ( http://www.mySTUDENTdirect.com/ ) came about because the world needs change, it needs #NextGenLeaders, and to do so there needs to be programs in place where students at a young age can challenge themselves and prepare to solve world problems by leveraging technology, communications, and social media to create impact and progress. As well through multi-media they are involved with applied learning.

We encourage them to work on projects that requires international coordination, however solutions are implemented locally as community development is a very intricate part of the leadership program. It is amazing what they achieve with little resources and that to me embodies the #NextGenLeaders spirit.

At STUDENTdirect we have a saying, Shape a Student, Shape the Future. I truly believe in that and made it my responsibility. As such I mentor many youths and I would like to do the same with Burmese youths.

This is my way of re-investing in the youth and I encourage others to do likewise because I know that our youth will be invested in our future, so just give them that opportunity.

My responsibility with the STUDENTdirect Charitable Foundation is I am its Chairman and over the years we have included other organizations in our portfolio to help with our vision of a better world.

To conclude I stand by what I say, as STUDENTdirect Charitable Foundation's current Chief Executive Officer is a mature 18 year old, and this is because I am amazed by what young people can do and STUDENTdirect is no exception.

12. Why did you decide to compete as a senator and what do you prepare for election?

I compete in the US Senate because I have always competed, but more importantly now is the time for the next generation to rise up and take control, to define what their own future is. The time is now, and when I say this, not only will this be an uprising, but one that the world has never seen before, we will be just, we will be compassionate, we will be forgiving, we will not be the aggressors, but God's Savior, we will share our resources, our dreams, and our ambitions, we will become the stewards that this world desperately needs, we will protect the young and the innocent, the old and the weak, we will serve others and not ourselves, we are citizens of the world and as such there are no boundaries. I have witnessed generation next do this time after time, I have observed the tremendous impact millennials make when they show up and vote. So I say more of us needs to vote, we need to get others to vote, and we need to vote more frequently, but then I ask the what if, are you not tired of voting for career politicians, instead I say show up and vote #NextGenLeaders. But in order to do that we need to become #NextGenLeaders and not career politicians.

Please tell me I am not the only one challenging the US Senate and the current political system in place. That is the reason why I compete and why my US Senate Campaign Liberating Nations needs your support. In the end I am one person and the objective of me winning a US Senate Seat very insignificant, but what is significant is the goal to liberate nations by empowering the next generation. I am prepared to put everything I have at risk, I am aware that I will be discriminated, that I will be judged, and let them, because I know after me, for those who persecuted me and what this campaign represents do not have the resources to stop what will come next, which is the beginning of a new era, an era where the next generation is in control, where they are the C.E.O. and the senators, and someday even Presidents, because you are the next generation and anything is possible when you stop voting for career politicians and they start working for you.

I have this burning desire inside of me and it will not stop. I know you too have this burning desire inside of you, and desire is so important for that is all that we have and as generation next we are so underestimated but we are many for we are those who have been discriminated, who have been manipulated, whose opportunities have dwindled, and as such we will say enough is enough, this will stop.

We have suffered and it saddens me, so as I prepare for this election, I tell myself and my team it is not about me becoming the youngest us senator and it is not about the great victory it would be for Asians or about making Burmese proud, this campaign is about liberating nations and as I have no real power, I will not make any promises. What I will do is work hard, and if you do the research you know how hard I can work. The question is can we make history and show the world how Burma's people changed US Politics by showing the value of what my US Senate Campaign Liberating Nations represents, it is a campaign without borders. Be the noble people that you are, because what you are doing for me right now is selfless, because as your country is struggling with democracy, this nation of people and its youth have driven my campaign forward, and I know someday soon I will be a US Senator and when that happens, I will do likewise with the generation next, because when they are senators with me, Burma will get its democracy.

That is not a promise, but a plan of action driven by the desire to overcome, because I am the #rebelSenator.

So give me a voice by joining STUDENTdirect International ( http://www.STUDENTdirectInternational.info/ ), by Initiating Community Action ( http://www.InitiatingCommunityAction.info/ ), because you are #NextGenLeaders ( http://www.NextGenLeaders.info/ ). For those who really want to be part of this systematic change and to learn and grow and become leaders, it is very simple join http://www.YoungINC.LA/ and be part of my discussion panel and let your voice be heard and more importantly as an organization help ourselves to secure the proper resources to make a difference. The Power to Help is not a power that can be so easily taken away once it is properly embedded.

Further you have the Power to Share, and that to me is significant, so I thank the young journalists who have the courage to share my story, the activists and organizers who mobilized, the students who have reached out and direct message me, and the generation that taught me well, you too have given much support as I have seen how you engage on my campaign page and personal profile on social media. Something great is happening and it is not me for I am just the fire, the torch, where as you are the runners, it is you who is running this race, so I am not alone I am just the fire that burns inside of you, and that fire has existed long before I was born.

13. How long has this ambition embedded on your mind?

Though my life has come with certain privileges it has also come with its share of hardships. It maybe hard to believe but I've experienced discrimination for much of my early life. I saw the ugliness of what happens when people are insecure and they misunderstand.

So I always made it a point to understand, but that was definitely a struggle because for where ever I went I never truly was accepted. Being made fun of I know that far too well. Thus at such a young age as early as five, I knew I had to overcome, I had to be competitive, for my own family would not protect me. All I know is how to compete, but it does give good reasoning of why I am ambitious and determined and that was embedded at such a young age.

Maybe that is why I am such a rebel. Maybe that is why I have this need to defy authority and to challenge a nation for I cannot settle for you can not, for you are too young, for you lack experience. That is not a good enough reason, a reason is no one will support your campaign, because no one will vote for you, because no one believes in you, because you have never been in a position of leadership, because you have never struggled, because you have never established trust, because you do not understand the meaning to work hard, to sacrifice. Those are good reasons and that being said I have overcome, I have done, so I have no reason to fail, what I must do is be that beacon of hope, the hero within all of us.

So no matter the circumstances I say focus on the struggle, and that struggle, just look around you, it is not hard to witness, so I ask how young must you be to be aware that people suffer, that oppression does exist and I say with curiosity and desire the struggle becomes ambition. That is why I believe that the next generation is ready to take on responsibility, that they are ready to lead. We are the little engine that could.

For our struggle has been too real. We have always had to overcome and be better, not for selfish reasons, but altruistic reasons.
We fight not for circumstances but the struggle. I want people to understand that.

So if you have struggled you now know we share common goals, so do reach out to me, I am fairly accessible online, I am the #rebelSenator and this has been embedded in me for decades.

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I believe we need to fight to restore our faith in humanity.



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