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Joshua Chit Tun to Run for US Senate

Joshua Chit Tun to Run for US Senate

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Joshua Chit Tun, 28, announces his intent to run for U.S. Senate to represent California in 2016. If he wins the election, he will be the first Burmese-American to serve in the U.S. Senate. He is running for the U.S. Senate so that he will inspire the next generation of leaders (#NextGenLeaders) to run for public office around the world to improve their own communities, such as those in the country of his birth, Burma. His experience on student organization, education reform, human rights issues, tech, multimedia, and international relations provides a valuable background to represent California, lead the U.S. Senate, and inspire the world.

Joshua Chit Tun experiences in human rights issues and international relations began with his childhood in Burma and his emigration to the United States of America and will help him lead the U.S. Senate to improve these issues. Born in 1986 to Walter Chit Tun, II and his Thai mother, Sandy Thay, Joshua Chit Tun's family, except for his father, escape to the United States. He was 5 during the military retaliation of the 8888 Nationwide Popular Pro-Democracy Protests. From living in a militaristic government that had and continues to have many human rights issues in their home country to the difficulties of adjusting to a completely foreign country with sparse Burmese communities and support, Joshua Chit Tun learns about the difficulties of the Burmese people and will focus on improving the human rights of the people around the world. As U.S. Senator, he will lead the Senate to improve the American commitment to promote democracy, human dignity, and their accompanying human rights that was started and inspired by the American Revolution.

More information about his personal life and influences may be read at the article, "Origins Define a Future."

Joshua Chit Tun's endeavors exposes him to a variety of issues and industries. At age 19 in 2005, he promotes cultural awareness with his student group, Multi Ethnic Cultural Association (M.E.C.A.). The expansion of M.E.C.A. throughout the world ushers in the establishment of the nonprofit organization, International Multi Cultural Education Association (I.M.C.E.A.), and new programs that promotes the arts, such as MECA Entertainment. In order to help coordinate student collaboration in M.E.C.A, I.M.C.E.A, and throughout the world, he establishes the tech property,, in 2010. He developed at the time under the advisement of Ramin Shirani, who has experience in the venture capitalist (V.C.) process due to the establishment of his own venture-capitalist-backed firm, Aquantia Corp. In order to achieve the goal of reforming education and uniting students throughout the world to solve global issues, Joshua Chit Tun establishes STUDENTdirect Charitable Foundation in 2012. Along with the efforts of Brian Antezana, Bola-Ige Alabi Efeshodiamhe, and volunteers of STUDENTdirect International, STUDENTdirect expands worldwide and gains full member status of UN Youth Associations and Commonwealth Youth Council. More about the expansion of STUDENTdirect may be read at the article, "STUDENTdirect International (Africa, Europe, and Middle East) Report 2013-2014." Joshua Chit Tun credits his grandfather, Walter Chit Tun, M.D, as a major influence of M.E.C.A, I.M.C.E.A, STUDENTdirect, and his campaign to be U.S. Senator since Walter Chit Tun, M.D. also organized student movements to democratize Burma, revolutionized bodybuilding, became one of the first Burmese movie stars, and became an icon in India and Burma. In 2014, Joshua Chit Tun becomes a founder of JBM along with Brian Antezana and Milton Antezana in order to provide comprehensive solutions to global problems by providing multilateral approaches in the fields of tech, multimedia, medical, education, nongovernmental organizations (N.G.O.), community outreach, and governments. Among its projects are advising STUDENTdirect and maintaining its website,, advising Boogiezone, and establishing YoungINC.LA, a tech, multimedia, and organization incubator and accelerator. Joshua Chit Tun approaches JBM Community, a subsidiary of JBM, with his intent to run for U.S. Senate in order to motivate #NextGenLeaders to unite and change their world. JBM Community initiates the U.S. Senate Campaign and their #NextGenLeaders program. Joshua Chit Tun's accomplishments and experience gives him a unique position and point of view that proves he will rally and unite innovative leadership that will be responsible to solve global issues as a U.S. Senator.

Read more about Joshua Chit Tun's accomplishments in the article, "Joshua Chit Tun's Accomplishments Timeline."

As California's U.S. Senator, Joshua Chit Tun will initiate the change in leadership that is needed to address critical issues. He will help current legislators and politicians find the courage to enact reform that is necessary and crucial for the wellbeing and future of the United States of America by being an example and leader that they can follow. He developed the necessary fortitude and leadership necessary to enact this change during his previous ten years of tribulations while pursuing the vision to change the world through international collaboration. Joshua Chit Tun is committed to helping the U.S. Senate to modernize industries, revolutionize education and international relations, develop help #NextGenLeaders, both domestically and internationally. Joshua Chit Tun, as California's U.S. Senator, will mark a new chapter in comprehensive leadership and lasting change for California, for the United States, and for the world.

Read more about the Campaign to Elect Joshua Chit Tun to Represent California as Its U.S. Senator @ www.ChitTun.US

To coordinate press, to volunteer or contribute to the Campaign to Elect Joshua Chit Tun to Represent California for Its U.S. Senator, or to become a part of #NextGenLeaders, message Brian Antezana @ YoungINC.LA.

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