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Joshua Chit Tun's Record

Joshua Chit Tun's Record

Age 19 (2006)

Mr. Joshua Chit Tun starts Multi Ethnic Cultural Association (M.E.C.A.). In 3 days, his team recruits over 700 Pasadena City College (PCC) students during rush week.

M.E.C.A. organizes a coalition of diverse, community organizations in order to produce the event, A Night of Cultural Diversity. The event's incredible success brings opportunities for M.E.C.A. to expand and to develop.

Age 20 (2007)

Mr. Joshua Chit Tun starts the nonprofit organization, International Multi Cultural Education Association (I.M.C.E.A). I.M.C.E.A helps him to expand Multi Ethnic Cultural Association to other schools.

Age 22 (2009)

Mr. Joshua Chit Tun becomes the youngest Vice President of Fraternal Order of Eagles, Aeries 2188 (F.O.E. 2188). During his term, he presides many meetings as acting chair. Due to his leadership, F.O.E. 2188 consistently recruits the most members per month compared to all other F.O.E. chapters. In addition, he greatly increases F.O.E. 2188's revenue growth as well as its philanthropic giving.

Age 23 (2009)

Mr. Joshua Chit Tun and his peers from Multi Ethnic Cultural Association and International Multi Cultural Education Association expand their philanthropy into the fields of arts, multimedia, film, and music and develop programs such as MECA Entertainment and American Society for Arts. Further, they start coordinating afterschool programs and reaching out to local high schools.

Age 24 (2010)

Mr. Joshua Chit Tun starts working on and establishes the company, STUDENTdirect Corporation. Besides, he spearheads his team to start development on the STUDENTdirect organization.

Age 25 (2011) garners many interests and offers. However, due to his discipline and commitment to achieve international, educational reform, he shifts focus from to develop STUDENTdirect Charitable Foundation.

Age 26 (2012)

Mr. Joshua Chit Tun establishes STUDENTdirect Charitable Foundation after it successfully produces a business development, fundraising event with STUDENTdirect @ Eagle Rock Junior/Senior High School, STUDENTdirect @ California State University, Los Angeles, and other noted, community organizations. With the initial $3,000.00 that he personally contributes on behalf of the charity, STUDENTdirect raises over $13,000.00 in one night tickets by selling tickets ranging from $4.00 to $6.00. Due to STUDENTdirect's strategies, business development, training, and counsel, Eagle Rock Junior/Senior High School (E.R.H.S.) Senior Class Officers (S.C.O.) faithfully implements STUDENTdirect's principles to fundraise over $80,000.00 and follows STUDENTdirect's mission to support sustainable, lasting community action by leaving a legacy fund to benefit future students and their community.
Under his leadership, STUDENTdirect expands its departments to include STUDENTdirect International, STUDENTdirect Productions, STUDENTdirect Publications, and STUDENTdirect Studios and further develops Multi Ethnic Cultural Association, MECA Entertainment, and Initiating Community Action during the following 2 years.

Age 27 (2013)

He leads STUDENTdirect to solve community problems by focusing on both displaced and youths. This culminates into what is now known as ICA Displaced Initiative and STUDENTdirect Youth Initiative. During the same time, he trains STUDENTdirect volunteers to expand STUDENTdirect International into other countries.

Mr. Joshua Chit Tun becomes a cofounder of JBM Community and LUXURY DEFINED.

He furthers relationships with groups such as Boogiezone, Rotary International, and Kiwanis International.

Age 28 (2014)

Mr. Joshua Chit Tun becomes a cofounder of YoungINC.LA, an online community where members build résumés, create media, develop brands, and give. He runs to represent California's as its U.S. Senator.

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