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BBC profiles GenoMe (Generation Mobile) Joshua Chit Tun about his campaign for U.S. Senate:

GenoMe (Generation Mobile) Joshua Chit Tun Campaigns for U.S. Senate

February 25, 2016 17:57 GMT

Joshua Chit Tun arrives to the U.S. when he was 5 years old

BBC's GenoMe (Generation Mobile) Program welcomes Joshua Chit Tun.

This GenoMe, Burmese American residing in California is campaigning to become the youngest U.S. Senator.

Joshua Chit Tun was born in Burma and grew up in the United States.

His grandfather, Walter Chit Tun, is Burma's first movie star and an internationally renowned body builder.

Find out more why Joshua Chit Tun chose to campaign to become a U.S. Senator, how he grew up, his character, and his connection to Burma by listening to the Joshua Chit Tun GenoMe Program above.

Joshua Chit Tun GenoMe Program inspires today's youth. Generation Mobile Generation (Mobi-Geno) are young people who are interested in doing rather than just talking about issues.

They connect by sharing their unique experiences, future dreams, and long-distance collaboration.

You can connect by sending us e-mail at the e-mail addresses, burmese@bbc.co.uk and bbcburmese@gmail.com, or by sending us a message to our BBC Burmese Facebook Page with the subject, Joshua Chit Tun GenoMe Broadcast.

Joshua Chit Tun GenoMe Program will be broadcasted in two weeks on Monday night at BBC Radio. We will air the program again Thursday morning.

You can listen to Joshua Chit Tun GenoMe Program on your local BBC radio station on Saturday morning at 10:25 A.M.

You can download Joshua Chit Tun GenoMe Program on your computer, mobile telephone, or tablet.

This Mobi-Geno podcast can be downloaded from BBC's 2015 winter broadcasts.

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