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Subject: Build your Student's resume by Collaborating with Talented Artists on http://YoungINC.LA/, in Partnership with YoungINC.LA and JB Talent, invites you to explore your creative potential in a way you have not done before. YoungINC.LA offers new ways for students to connect with other artists and team members from a variety of backgrounds to engage in interesting multimedia projects by helping them build their résumé effortlessly and providing a creative space for visionaries to share ideas and to collaborate. Anyone interested in starting an amazing project, join a great project, or help advise a talented team can start by clicking here. 

To learn more about us, you can click here. We are excited to see the great things you will do in our community!

Further students learn how to fundraise effectively through the STUDENTdirect Charitable Foundation's "Leadership Diversity Development Workshops" via the following volunteer program Initiating Community Action. To learn more on how we are expanding Initiating Community Action please go to the following URL link

We have done this well at schools like Eagle Rock High School through their program ERHS Initiating Community Action, chapter. Further students and advisors who get involved are helping spread a network of likeminded individuals. Please continue what schools like Eagle Rock High School and San Pedro Senior High School have begun through strategic partnerships like STUDENTdirect and YoungINC.LA.

As students progress they will reach out to their local community organizations, chamber of commerce, and media groups. They will submit an outreach letter accordingly with attachments describing their project, a link to press releases that will be constantly updated through their branded YoungINC.LA pages, as well as app integrations that helps promote their project via social media and engage their supporters to donate and share. With such momentum they would then have groups who are willing to participate in the matching grant program, MATCHdirect.
Past success stories is the Haunted House that raised well over 13,000 dollars where tickets were priced at $4 - $6. With such momentum it is no surprise that the senior class officers raised well over $80,000 that school year.

To conclude grants will be used to further their projects, as well as to reward key members scholarships, and to recognize advisors for their efforts. Through out all of this YoungINC.LA documents every interaction through their YoungINC.LA resume page and unlike other school projects, the brands that they helped create is not only animated but is easy to reference on any device. STUDENTdirect partnering with YoungINC.LA is applied learning, instilling business acumen in our future generations, community development, charitable giving, and ensuring that art is passed on to the next generation regardless of school budget cuts.

In general: 

To learn more about the STUDENTdirect Charitable Foundation,

To learn more about community development and engagement, scholarships and grants, tasks and assignments, castings and contests, the Connect tab
To enroll your students,
I look forward in proceeding with this.


Joshua Chit Tun
STUDENTdirect Charitable Foundation, Vice- Chair


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