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STUDENTdirect: General Email Response

I believe this maybe of interest to you, after discussions with parents we formatted this outreach email, please review and provide me with feedback.

I would like to learn more on how to engage parents, teachers, and students of the middle school age, in the past we have explored theatrical programming, art related activities, and cultural nights. However I believe we can provide a much more challenging extra-curricular activities curriculum. In some schools we are exploring robotics and engineering, further social justice.

In reference to community service, creating a council for the youth to decide how they want to leverage resources to make impact could work well, further participating in a supervised environment with the displaced initiative, consistent organizations that provide help to those who are in need and who are displaced.

How we are structuring this: http://1-Solution.Info

In regards to the organization of the STUDENTdirect Charitable Foundation:

We believe that multi-media through a variety of challenges leading up to a film festival is a great way to get students very engaged with learning that is both applied as well instilling business acumen at such a young age amongst many other things.

Here is an example: 

Currently its leadership is revamping towards a launch to take this idea to middle schools at my request, they have done well in many things but I felt it was a natural direction with how many students they have engaged through dance, further diversified their curriculum into theatre, every time I visit, everyone is so engaged and happy, a very safe place to grow and create. We just finished creating a non-profit division to Boogiezone, further adding a layer of functionality to operate as an academy for the arts. In addition a successful program executed well by its brainchild Elm Pizarro is Boogiezone Exchange where students from all over the world take on an intensive regiment in applied dance and multi-media, in the weeks they are here the impact of their experiences and diversity is nothing short of amazing to other attendees of boogiezone.

STUDENTdirect Studios will be coordinating this effort to middle schools and will be partnering with a variety of studios, community centers, and parks and recreations.

In general our response to civic responsibilities for the much younger students is a scaled version of what we are already doing but focused on multi-media, arts, and community service further recognizing students, parents, teachers, and community organizers at our upcoming film festivals.

To automate and scale all of this STUDENTdirect has partnered with YoungINC.LA, to learn more:

To enroll your students:

Thank you for your time.

Look forward in discussing this further.


Joshua Chit Tun
STUDENTdirect Charitable Foundation, Vice- Chair                        

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