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The STUDENTdirect Foundation fosters leadership, goodwill, and cultural diversity amongst young minds. We advocate humanitarian aid through fundraising providing STUDENTdirect Volunteers grants to act as STUDENTdirect Ambassadors abroad providing supervision and direction.

Grants will further be used to promote educational awareness and sustainability in third world communities thru reputable non-profit organizations. To sustain the Foundation's cause we have created a multi-media membership organization of which provides real life applications for students who are active members. By creating this learning environment we cultivate the leaders of tomorrow.

Further we provide programs in line with our mission, "...to improve students educational experience, promote cultural diversity as well as the values necessary of future leaders. To enhance students learning experience beyond the classroom by providing practical experience and to build their resume and portfolio by solving real world problems". To conclude our publications and productions offers students a wide variety of options when it comes to pursuing their interests and goals.

"Shape a student, shape the future"

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Executive Meeting: 1/14/2015

Agenda: To Review the following: Operations, Public Relations, and Marketing. How do we recognize volunteers and interns. How do we better communicate on YoungINC.LA How do we build our resume. Discuss upcoming events and securing funds for tax exemption, stipends to award interns, and grants to produce events. In regards to events how will we leverage Zero to 60, MECA Entertainment, and Kizomba Nation LA. * Bring laptop, further we will be making calls to leadership throughout STUDENTdirect…

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