STUDENTdirect Studios is available for STUDENTdirect and YoungINC.LA subscribers. We promote and facilitate our subscribers projects.

We work closely with STUDENTdirect Productions and YoungINC.LA. Further we are partnered with groups like JB Entertainment Group and JB Talent Group.

Not only are we focused on an educational curriculum that excels in applied learning through a variety of multi media projects but we are also focused on cultivating creative spaces through our partners. It is through a collaborative effort through schools and community groups like Boogiezone Utopia that we are able to achieve this.

In our efforts to improve on education, there is a need for STUDENTdirect Studios and this is just the beginning.

STUDENTdirect Studios operates within the studios division of the STUDENTdirect Charitable Foundation.  

STUDENTdirect Studios Founders: 
Joshua Chit Tun, Brian Antezana, Derrick Gary, Brian Hipolito

Gabriel Caste

Vice President of Operations:
Matt Zimel

56 Volunteers
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Partnering with STUDENTdirect Studios

STUDENTdirect Studios as part of the STUDENTdirect Charitable Foundation does the following: provides a creative space for those who are subscribed to STUDENTdirect and YoungINC.LA. Further it creates the collaborative infrastructure to create and distribute content. To conclude it continues to fund projects related to STUDENTdirect Productions. To Learn More:  "The Last Time I Saw Him" official trailer. To learn more:…

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3 Replies · Reply by Chairman Joshua Chit Tun Jul 11, 2015
#NextGen Delegate

Outreach Email for STUDENTdirect Studios

I believe this maybe of interest to you, after discussions with parents we formatted this outreach email, please review and provide me with feedback. I would like to learn more on how to engage parents, teachers, and students of the middle school age, in the past we have explored theatrical programming, art related activities, and cultural nights.…

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Message Matt Zimel, VP of Operations