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By joining STUDENTdirect Publications, you will be able to tell your story with a community of writers and readers who want to understand your community from your point of view. You can share your news, expand your network with other writers such as yourself, and collaborate on international stories. You will gain the skills necessary to be #NextGenLeaders writer.

"Your News. Your Cause."

We consist of volunteers, mentors, and interns.

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STUDENTdirect Publications operates within the publications division of the STUDENTdirect Charitable Foundation.
STUDENTdirect Publications Founders: 
Joshua Chit TunRamon Barajas IIIJeffrey Valdivieso, Christopher Cruz

Tiara Narido

Vice President of Operations:
Leon Townsend

251 Journalists
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#NextGen Advocate

#NextGenLeaders Video Blog, Friday, 2016/02/05

#NextGenLeaders Video Blog, Friday, 2016/02/05
  • Guests
  • Generation Next
    • People (millennials) that embrace efficiency, innovation, and sustainability
  • JBM Community, Inc's Generation Next projects
    • #NextGenLeaders
      • Candidates who embrace Generation Next principles
        • Barajas, III
          • Record
            • Donated to philanthropy that focused on innovation
            • Part of tech projects in which Silicon Valley is interested
    • YoungINC.LA
      • JBM Community, Inc's incubator and accelerator of NGO, tech, new media, and politics
      • Online community where Generation Next develop their new media résumé by collaborating on innovative projects and startups with other Generation Next around the world
        • #NextGenLeaders
          • Became a global movement that inspired Generation Next candidates from disenfranchised populations to run for national positions and to make governments better represent the populations and to establish their own #NextGenLeaders parties
        • STUDENTdirect International
          • Enabled students and professionals to communicate and collaborate internationally
          • Provided a free place to discuss and decide the international agenda for students and their advisors to pursue in Initiating Community Action (ICA)
        • ICA
          • A platform for students to gain experience, learn how to organize, and impact the international community by focusing on local community development and collaborating with the international community via YoungINC.LA
          • ICA members who excel in STUDENTdirect International and leadership have the opportunity to become #NextGenLeaders
    • Anyone who wants to be involved in a community of innovators and organizers can begin their journey by creating their account on YoungINC.LA
      • New members will be guided to the communities and projects in which they will be interested
  • Additional questions
    • STUDENTdirect Publications
      • Status and future
    • Barajas
      • ARTISTdirect
        • As a tech property
        • As a storefront
      • #NextGenLeaders World Tour
    • Pellerin
      • Nu Dymensionz
        • Introduction
        • Previous Projects
        • With JBM
          • Beauty Boyz
          • Developing process to produce new media
            • scalable
            • able to apply to the rest of the world
      • Recent activities
        • Act Out
    • Antezana
      • Recent activities with Myanmar
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