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2015 Halloween Do-OVER Report

This message was originally addressed to Cameron Coe and Derrick Gary, read as it applies to your group:

I am pleased with both your involvement, and I have discussed this with select board members. Moving forward if you choose to continue I will reference you Cameron Coe as the interim C.E.O. of the STUDENTdirect Charitable Foundation and you Derrick Gary as the interim C.O.O.  of the STUDENTdirect Charitable Foundation. Consider the next few months a period of probation as we go through adjustments. I strongly encourage the both of you to spend time together and explore the different components of STUDENTdirect Charitable Foundation. I will help with the process.

As I spoke to Derrick Gary as Derrick will confirm my interest was never the event itself but the campaign and building relations and giving the group a way to do some much needed public outreach because for far too long we have been a private organization due to my insecurities however now is the time to make this charity more visible to the general public.

Derrick you were responsible for the event as much as you could be and I do believe we tried to give as much value, I know more people wanted to be involved as vendors but as you can see even an event that has the right elements but no audience, well you both experienced it so I do not need to explain myself.

However I do want to make clear, this is the first event we failed at, even though objectively it was a success in all other areas and what it accomplished, nevertheless the actual event was a failure so here are things we can improve on.

From this point on an event that is organized will be under the branding MECA Entertainment:
In this way we can save YoungINC.LA any embarrassment. Further it will be hosted by Zero to 60:
In addition the event must be co-produced by three other organizations (in Partnership with):

My reasoning, the low turnout of attendees is due to internal conflict, in general politics. Further Holidays are quite complex, our student group at Pasadena City College had their trip to Santa Barbara, likewise Glendale Community College had their dance showcase, Eagle Rock High School their Winter Formal Dance, and Occidental College session closed for holidays. In addition in regards to YoungINC.LA since majority of current members are artists Friday and Saturday are the worst days as you can imagine most work as waiters/ waitresses, valets, hosts/ hostesses, security, bartenders, etc. Further the address was not clear on the event info, many people went to the address on the footer of the website, hence many went to the office in Pasadena, could not find the location and instead had a Friday night in old town. They also called the office number, so I assure you I will remove such info on the footer of the site, if any number is referenced on the footer it will be a Skype number. In general these things are minor but as you can tell with all these variables happening simultaneously it is nearly impossible to succeed.

To conclude by having three other organizations co-produced these events we minimize such risks. We had a little over 40 guests but with an event space that large we would need to have a minimum of a 100 guests so as all attendees would have a good experience. This is a reason why we did not move forward with the other vendors, we want to build relations not lose them.

In addition as these events are scheduled to take place per month we would need to rotate these organizations.
Further multiple events would mean we would need multiple event staff:

We would utilize Initiating Community Action to screen volunteers from the high school, each event staff will consist of an Advisor from the school, the event organizer, and two event coordinators. Photographer/ videographer, event security, clean up/ set up crew, and any other event personal will be secured prior to event and utilized on day of event.

Further to have more vendors involved and to have a variety of venues to choose from (at this moment its ok if venue is small like someone's business) we would leverage the chamber of commerce. Based upon proximity of High Schools we will narrow it down to the Eagle Rock Chamber of Commerce and the Alhambra Chamber of Commerce.

        1) Eagle Rock ( )
        2) Alhambra ( )

In addition to leverage media and press we must coordinate with the Neighborhood council in this way with their branding on event, every local news and media group would share our story. In this way the volunteers who coordinate with such groups will have a higher percentage of succeeding.

Here are a list of Neighborhood Councils ( ), in our process of putting on events for the current campaign YoungINC.LA helps STUDENTdirect's Youth Initiative per event one of the councils on the list must be recognized as a presenter along with YoungINC.LA. With that thought process we would need a third group to also be a presenter. To be specific YoungINC.LA, Crown City Kings, and the Eagle Rock Neighborhood Council presents Halloween Do- Over.... Since these three are highlighted as presenters of the event it will also be their responsibility to have the $1,500 available to produce event. Simply in this example $500 dollars from each presenting organization. As we go through this we will see sponsors who would provide larger checks but this is the way because in general like any investments the first to invest usually get a larger chunk for less dollars because of the risks associated with being lead investors. This will also be true with our events.

By doing this every sponsored check and every donation we collect on Indiegogo goes towards the campaign. This is very important to me.
So with that in mind lets be clear that these events are produced so we have constant publicity for the campaign so we can always ask for donations so the STUDENTdirect Charitable Foundation becomes a public charity.

In that regards Fridays event Halloween Do OVER fulfilled its purpose. People now want to help and their is an open conversation as in what is STUDENTdirect.

Further we should consider having every event as its own Startup page on YoungINC.LA (the experience is like creating your own company which means we can better recognize interns for their involvement and further they can reference this quite easily when the event is branded as a startup), these events should also be designed to be a networking function (announcements, recognizing key developments, talking about the cause, open bar, art on display, dj set and from time to time live band), every so often we should have an online competition of some sort associated with the event - this can be further discussed, at the door their is a general $10 admissions charge however if they rsvp through YoungINC.LA admission is comped - this link would be merged to the event page. Let me know your thoughts on this matter.

In general revenue will be generated through vendors, sponsors, and donations from the public. Further multiple businesses will provide gift certificates and items of that nature of which we could use as perks on the Indiegogo campaign, with this type of consistency we will be on the news and that in its very nature will generate donations. At some point large corporations will donate large sums and when this happens we will do a separate type of campaign and the events for this campaign will be Galas.

Now why are we doing all of this? To make the campaign successful. Derrick Gary I would need access to the Indiegogo Campaign, please provide me with the information I would need to login and edit. Thank you. Further you and Cameron Coe should receive moving forward per event a $500 stipend. In other words per event (per month) we should clear $2,000. The amount of donations the campaign should receive. As it is in regards to the youth and displaced the breakdown is simply $1,000 will go towards STUDENTdirect Pre-Internship Project to award two interns a stipend of $500, further $500 will go towards the STUDENTdirect Scholarship Project, basically two deserving students who volunteer for the ICA Displaced Initiative will each be awarded a $250 scholarship. The remaining $500 will go towards STUDENTdirect Save the World Project where 4 soup kitchens will receive a $100 grant each for their monthly operations. I assure you that that 100 dollars will be efficiently utilized. For one soup kitchen a 100 dollars is the cost for them to feed about 60-80 displaced members 1 Sunday of the week, 4 weeks in the month. So an additional 100 dollars imagine what they could do with it. Further the 100 dollars we do not utilize will be set aside for the ICA Displaced Initiative so in the future they can put on their annual Homeless Gala. Note the only day that the Initiative does not have an opportunity to feed the displaced is Tuesdays.

I hope what I proposed is an efficient use for money raised by the public.

To conclude any additional funds will go towards the STUDENTdirect Performing and Visual Arts Project.

However lets make this current campaign a success. I will be having further discussions with the both of you in that regards. Please schedule a time we can conference call.

As always thank you.


Joshua Chit Tun
STUDENTdirect Charitable Foundation

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