The Sons of Liberty takes after the organization that was formed by the American colonists in the original Thirteen Colonies. This secret society was formed to protect the rights of the colonists and to fight unjust taxation at the hands of the British government. The Sons of Liberty are best known for their undertaking of the Boston Tea Party in 1773 in reaction to what they considered an illegal and unjust tax, the Tea Act.

  The Sons of Liberty are being formed again for the same purpose--to protect the rights of all Americans, to fight tyranny at all levels of government, to remind the American people of our heritage and what we owe to the world, which is to remain a beacon of hope, liberty, and freedom, and to resist and fight those who, with their grand schemes and talk of order and safety, would enslave all of mankind.

  We have allowed our federal government to graft a warfare-state apparatus onto America’s original governmental structure. By doing so, we, as a nation, have abandoned our founding principles and have been paying the price ever since in the form of a loss of liberty, prosperity, harmony, and peace. The path to be taken to return is obvious.

  For too long we have sat and done nothing, while traitors have chipped away at the foundation of these United States. The political establishment has encouraged, supported, and spread disunity, separation, hatred, and violence. It is time we take a stand against these would be despots. We must rebuild and strengthen our communities, our society and our land; take back the powers and rights that have been wrongfully usurped.

  Join up with the Sons of Liberty, if you love freedom and liberty. Answer the call, if you would rather choose to live as a freeman rather than as a slave. Fight alongside us, if you despise tyranny. 

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