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Translation from Romanian to English:

Ruxanda Calistru: Beauty That Now Has "Miss California 2014"

For natives to know that Moldovan women are beautiful and enchanting is one thing, but, when our girls are invited to American beauty pageants, it just shows that this regional knowledge is now internationally recognized. On 24-25 October, Ruxanda Calistru represented our country at the beauty contest "Miss California 2014." What prizes were awarded and what assets helped to get the coveted coronation of beauty queen, we will find out in the article.

The first time I visited the United States was at an international festival in Miami for singers. There I met a lady who noticed and helped me to be engaged in a dance studio. Then I returned to Moldova, and after a short time I received an invitation to work at a dance studio in Florida. I was hired to teach Dance Gala and Latino. There I met my future partner dance which helped me to get to Los Angeles. For me it was a great dream - to get to Los Angeles. All the time I fought for my dreams. My parents were initially against the idea to come here alone but finally agreed.

In March 2014, I attended a very prestigious competition "Queen of the Universe", where I represented Moldova along with 59 countries of the world. This competition is the Miss Universe pageant. There, I gained the attention of various manufacturers and designers, stage managers, so I was invited to the Miss California pageant. There was a casting and strolling on the podium, which I have much experience, and I had an interview.

During the contest I had support through sponsorship from for-profit to advertising companies who were interested to invest in their business. I have been sponsored by two companies: Young INC.LA and the designer, Connie Tao. YoungINC.LA is a start up which promotes and creates conditions for young talent to grow their brand and to develop their ideas. Connie Tao is a designer who has worked with several models. Mrs. Tao's company provides evening gowns and wedding dresses.

Winning. In addition to beauty, the jury awarded the title of a pure heart to those who wants to change the world and to help the needy, poor, sick or orphaned.

I was among the finalists and won Miss photogenic award. It was the only award that was offered in the online votes. At this point my fans showed their loyalty towards the art and my work. I have had the opportunity to express my compassion for the world that needs help and to share my thoughts and plans to make acts of charity. I've made new friends and relations, which will be useful, I hope, for my career.

What do girls need to know about competing in a beauty contest?

If you are in public, a person always has to be careful how one's appearance: from makeup, to clothing, to shoes, and hairstyle. Socializing skills are of great importance, since it takes those skills to speak with members of the jury or the organizers and to create a good impression with your personality. Not known to the general public are moments of repetition. Spectators who see the show don't know the stress, the hard work, and the effort for the preparations behind this kind of events.

In addition to being beautiful and charismatic, you have to be a smart woman both in business and in personal life, to have a strong personality, to have great ambitions and a fierce desire to make changes to bring happiness in this world.

Do dance, music and acting. You have to manage it all. I sleep less and work a lot on my skills. I had teachers of dancing, singing, acting, and modeling. Yes, I have a rigorous regime, where every hour and minute are scheduled, but I don't feel that I'm working because I do what I like. Music and dance are my life and I thank God and my parents that I have ended up where I ended up. Without them I wouldn't have succeeded.

Text: Stanley Palmer

Photos: personal archive


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