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  1. Host, Joe W. Conner, PhD, asks questions from international press
    1. The Irrawaddy"Burmese-American Eyeing US Senate: 'I Was Given This Opportunity, So I Am Taking It," published Wednesday, January 20,2016
      1. Why did you decide to run for U.S. Senate this year?
    2. BBC, "မိုဘီဂျီနို နဲ့ ဆီးနိတ်အမတ်ဖြစ်ချင်သူ" ("Generation Mobile (GenoMe) Joshua Chit Tun Campaign for U.S. Senate"), published Thursday, February 25, 2016, 17:57, G.M.T.
      1. What did you discuss?
      2. How was it like being interviewed by BBC?
      3. What were the effects of this interview?
    3. The Voice Weekly interviews Joshua Chit Tun on #NextGenLeaders and U.S. Politics
      1. What is your opinion of journalists calling you the hope or hero of Myanmar's youth?
    4. The Myanmar Review interviews Joshua Chit Tun on the state of Myanmar and the fight for democracy
      1. What is your advice to advance Myanmar's democracy?
      2. What is your advice for National League for Democracy (NLD)?
    5. STUDENTdirect Publications"Will These Two National Icons Shape Myanmar's Future?" published by Tiara Angeline Narido, April 6, 2016, 08:08 A.M.
      1. What is your advice to those who want to succeed in your industry?
      2. How does it feel like that the publications that broke news of your campaign for U.S. Senate followed up with another interview?
    6. Pyi Myanmar interviews Joshua Chit Tun on Education and Family
      1. What is it like being an independent candidate?
      2. How do you wish to encourage other independent candidates?
  2. Questions from press
  3. Questions from the audience
    1. May Phyo Khaing, Myanmar #NextGenLeaders international political party, Chair
      1. What makes you say that youth can really change the world and shape global policies?
    2. Su Win Htet, STUDENTdirect Publications, Journalist
      1. How are you going to promote #NextGenLeaders?
      2. Will #NextGenLeaders be a political party, political organization, or newfound, political system?
      3. What is your greatest fear?
      4. What is your strength to overcome future obstacles?
      5. What is your prior and recent experiences in political campaigns?
      6. How do these experiences empower you?
      7. What is your Plan B?
      8. Which particular life event motivates you to dream big and scale greater heights?
      9. Who inspires you?
      10. Why do they inspire you?
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