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Timeline: Press and Filming on 2016/04/27

Timeline: Press and Filming on 2016/04/27

All times are local time, UTC -7:00/PDT.

04:00 P.M: Featured guests arrive at Hilton Pasadena

04:30 P.M: #NextGenLeaders Meet and Greet begins at the Hilton Pasadena

06:00 P.M: Filming begins on #NextGenLeaders' Global Impact: Joshua Chit Tun, U.S. Senate Candidate

06:30 P.M: Filming begins on Q&A: Joshua Chit Tun, U.S Senate #NextGenLeaders Candidate

07:00 P.M: Filming begins on Stand with #NextGenLeaders: Discussion Panel

07:30 P.M: Filming begins on Becoming #NextGenLeaders

08:00 P.M: Filming ends

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  • #NextGen Delegate

    Can you also include the time in the way most people read, so in that context there is no confusion,  for instance 6pm (18:00), etc.

    Further as for the event invite on Nation Builder can you include all links that is relevant to the framework of event and a much more realistic outline of time, many people have declined as there is no way fro them to be at the event from 4:30 - 5:30, it is misleading because I too read it as a 1 hour event, so the suggestion provided was to outline the timeframe of event, and in general description give a breakdown of the event with a link that explains further what happens during that timeframe.

    Let me know when you have incorporated and updated to best reflect the activities of this event.

    Thank you.

    - Joshua Chit Tun

  • #NextGen Delegate

    Heads up, most people will not arrive until 6pm, according to this timeline they will be in attendance for Jai's interview, and if there was press we are not organized to coordinate at this level.

    4:30pm - 5:30pm, guests and audience may arrive at Pasadena Media, that was the location that they were informed to meet, and Hilton was referenced as a landmark.

    It was during this time candid pictures could be taken, the whole meet and greet.

    6pm to 6:30pm was my interview, etc. and that's a loose timeframe, after the Q&A.

    7pm to 8pm is the #NextGenLeaders program, that is where the discussion panel and other interviews may take place.

    So my interview, Q&A, #NextGenLeaders discussion panel, and then Jai's interview.

    Note that is 4 major segments, and Pasadena Media is a volunteer staff.

    We do not want to over exhaust them or ourselves, we need them at their best for my interview and our discussion.

    I am pretty sure this timeline is for our reference to keep us organized, which is good, but my feedback is to give an idea the margin of what to expect and how much it may vary from your timeline.

    I will be there at 4pm and the earliest I was expecting guests and audience was 4:30pm, if press does attend, they were informed 4:30, they may arrive earlier or later.

    Just some things to note and keep in perspective.

    - Joshua Chit Tun

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