The Next Generation and its Fight for Democracy

Why The Need for #NextGenLeaders

When we asked Joshua Chit Tun one of the founders of #NextGenLeaders, why the need for a new political party and how would this change the world, this is what he had to say,


“To change the world is simply to tell others, think different, and do not easily believe everything you read or are told, to question and to investigate, to do the research, as Next Gen Leaders our goal is to liberate nations with our campaigns, though it may seem a bold statement, it is telling the world that we stand tall, that we question everything, if we feel something is wrong we challenge it, we work hard towards what we believe, and we fight because we must. If you too can open your eyes, then listen, question, and fight and then your mind too would be liberated.”


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Is there a Need for a New Major Political Party?

This is a developing story as you can see what has already begun in Myanmar and other Southeast Asian communities, as STUDENTdirect Publications, we are proud to break the news first of Joshua Chit Tun’s U.S. Senate Campaign Liberating Nations to the international press. This is what he had to say,


“Because of how the media has consumed me and how every time I have challenged the authority, simply with a few words. Though what I say is controversial, I believe it has ignited many to join my organizations and initiate action. The action will be evident and when my critics realize it a little too late.”


“This has become an international movement as Burmese people reside in many different countries, further it will take its course in southeast Asia, for instance nations like the Philippines, it is just of matter of organizing, to take an idea from movement to political action. Further Next Gen Leaders will be cultured not only to be competent in politics but other sectors and other industries. We want to remind the world, to never underestimate people, when they are organized and have clear direction.”


If you want to meet Joshua Chit Tun and other #NextGenLeaders, we invite you to rsvp to their upcoming press conference and #NextGenLeaders meet and greet. U.S. Senator Candidate, Joshua Chit Tun, Discusses #NextGenLeaders Global Impact.”  


Here is the official press release:

April 27, 2016 #NextGenLeaders Press Conference

Unity Through Diversity


Talking to #NextGenLeaders we understand clearly what they are trying to achieve, which is to have determined people worldwide run for local political offices as well national as #NextGenLeaders. It is ambitious for anyone to believe that they can organize the general population. However, as STUDENTdirect Publications we do believe that those who feel change and action is necessary can become Next Gen Voters.

As such we have been following the #NextGenLeaders story as it develops even at its early stages, after all this is just beginning, there is much to speculate.  

To conclude, Joshua Chit Tun left us with this final thought,


“Regardless of our election standings we will work hard to develop the community into Next Gen Nations as leaders are placed around the world, simply first by running and letting the media know what is to come, this is international coordination, however we believe solutions and action are systematic, and to be effective there must be accountability, this is why what we do is also local action.

I cannot stress how much determined people are the solution, further how our leaders are open minded, and how they will facilitate the dialogue and once an action is agreed upon provide oversight.


Why must we persevere, because it matters to our children, and they are our hope for a better humanity.”

Profiling #NextGenLeaders


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#NextGenLeaders, though they are not proven, it is clear that they are determined. As this year progresses, as STUDENTdirect Publications we will continue to profile #NextGenLeaders and follow this developing story. We will document there ups and downs and see if they will rise or fall.

Who knows, only time will tell.

STUDENTdirect Publications

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