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  1. Highlight notable events in Joshua Chit Tun's #NextGenLeaders Campaign for U.S. Senate.
    1. Why did Joshua Chit Tun choose to run an untraditional campaign when he had institutional support?
    2. What ignited his campaign? in particular, how did internationally renowned, student activist Thinzar Shunlei Yi's Facebook post sharing Joshua Chit Tun's announcement to run for U.S. Senate accelerate the #NextGenLeaders Campaign? His announcement has over 2,600 Facebook Likes.
    3. How is Joshua Chit Tun's interview about his decision to run for U.S. Senate with The Irrawaddy, one of Southeast Asia's influential papers, significant? Thinzar Shunlei Yi's belief and involvement with #NextGenLeaders helped attain that interview.
    4. How did The Irrawaddy's interview help Joshua Chit Tun gain an interview with BBC?
    5. How does The Myanmar Review of Joshua Chit Tun's position on the state of Myanmar and its democracy show his involvement of international relations and the trust that the people of Asia have in him?
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  • #NextGen Delegate

    Is this the Q&A, because I can do first interview, Q&A, and discussion panel, but I would not have the energy to do a 4th segment, especially if it is another full on 30 minute interview.

    - Joshua Chit Tun

  • #NextGen Delegate

    These were questions I could be asked in the first interview, but we should probably focus only on a few of these questions, maybe 5, one from each major media group, because I know the first interview you wanted me to talk about my campaign, #NextGenLeaders, and its global impact.

    Some structure is good, but I also need freedom to speak.

    - Joshua Chit Tun

  • #NextGen Delegate

    Just wanted to confirm if this is the Q & A section, if it is the questions submitted should be considered in what I am being asked.

    Note I need to have an idea what question, so I can prepare, and only a few.

    - Joshua Chit Tun

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