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  1. What made you (Jai Pellerin) decide to pursue a career in the film industry?
  2. Can you tell us about your company, Nu DymensionZ?
  3. What part do you play in #NextGenLeaders?
  4. Where do you see your work's impact in 10 years?
  5. Final question (host's choice) and final words. Where can people follow you and your work?
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  • Top Collaborator
    1.) What made you decide you wanted to pursue a life in the film industry?

    2.) Can you tell us a little about your company Nu DymensionZ?

    3.) What part do you play in this #NextGenLeaders movement?

    4.) 10yrs from now, where do you see the most impact from your work?

    5. Final question (Hosts Choice) and final words, where can people follow you and your work?
  • #NextGen Delegate

    Do you really think we have the time to include Jai for 30 min., from past experiences, it takes an hour to film a 30 minute section, I would think we have to be more strategic with the volunteer staff, both Ramon and I presume that after the first interview would be the Q & A.

    Other than that, this is a great program, but we might have to consolidate.

    Last the focus point is politics and #NextGenLeaders, I do not think the event was designed for a whole 30 minutes on entertainment, its a little confusing and ambitious.

    Also we are over exhausting Dr. Conner which means the content you want may not be best format.

    - Joshua Chit Tun

    • Top Collaborator
      I thought the point was to be primarily focused at the Politics side of the house. Let me know if you need me in any capacity and I can make it happen.
      • #NextGen Delegate
        I think your experiences with Our Commitment, you as a military veteran, entertainment, and youth makes you well rounded for anything pertaining politics and shows how competitive #NextGenLeaders can be if they became political, in that context the interview Becoming #NextGenLeaders is more appropriate for you to do with Brian.

        I would like to go in that direction and this interview will be the last one.

        There is also a discussion panel Stand with #NextGenLeaders.

        Thanks for your feedback Jai.

        - Joshua Chit Tun
  • #NextGen Delegate
    Jai, I too was confused with this post, you will be talking more about politics and things of that nature.

    Brian is updating the program and merging yours and his discussion as one interview, this is also so we can be more efficient with time and not over exert the volunteer staff and host.

    - Joshua Chit Tun
  • #NextGen Advocate

    This program has merged with "Becoming #NextGenLeaders" Program, which now features Jai Pellerin.

This reply was deleted.

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