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Hello everyone!

Greeting from Myanmar!

I would like to discuss "The future of Myanmar under the management of Daw Aung San Su Kyi " as a personal point of view. As I am novice in the politics and my opinion may be right or wrong.

According to the current situation, the 2008 constitution cannot allowed Daw Aung San Su Kyi to become a president. Therefore she chose a person from her party for the place of president who can perform under her control. We have already known about that. The most interested part is about her role for coming five years. From which role will she drive for the change during the next five years? Some politician says that according to current political display, to manage and drive for the change she is needed to take the position of Minister of Foreign affairs. That place is only one vacant place in the National Defence and Security Council. That council plays a  vital role in the national reconciliation and it is also a way for Daw Aung San Suu Kyi to meet with the President and the army. On the other hand, the lady must delegate the position "Chairman" of NLD (National League For Democracy) to the next generation from her party. Whom can she believe in? This is how people think about her in normal way.

As we all know, sometimes she make some miracles. Very soon, the government will announce the update list of ministries. After that we can forecast and watch the tasks of NLD government and do not forget about the Army role. There are so many problems and challenges  that the NLD government can face. They will make new policies and laws to drive the new change. To get a big change for the country during five-year period, not only the government but also the people have to involve strategically. Or the goal of democracy will disappear after five years.

Any comments and Advice!



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  • #NextGen Delegate

    Thank you for sharing, my response will be published soon when the interview is released. Look forward to everyone's feedback

    - Joshua Chit Tun

  • #NextGen Advocate

    I do believe that your general assessment is correct. However, I do not believe it is up to Aung San Su Kyi to decide or influence how the government will move forward. The majority of the Defense and Security Council will always be appointed by the military, so her influence is diminished there. I do agree that it is up to the next generation leaders (#NextGenLeaders) in Myanmar to influence and direct their government to ensure a better future for themselves.

    • #NextGen Delegate

      Brian I do appreciate your acute assessment, there is much truth in what you say, what I do know is she symbolizes hope, so for us the next step is to mobilize the next generation through Next Gen Leaders (www.YoungINC.LA) and Initiating Community Action (

      We have much to do, but I am appreciative that you have taken this as your own fight, I anticipate when the world realizes your ingenuity.

      - Joshua Chit Tun

  • Top Delegate

    Yes bro Brian,

    You are right. The next generation leaders (NextGenleaders) have to influence and direct their government. We already hoped some positive changes after 2015 election. As for youths, they can more participate in all sectors of country development during 5-year period of new government. Basically,we think that Daw Aung Sann Su Kyi government will be able to make the better strategic approach for development.

    For our country, the democracy is very new taste for the people. Every individuals must to know their rights and responsibilities. That culture is not much familiar with our people including me. In my opinion, the first step is changing our education system.

    Thanks for your feedback bro,



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