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My Recommendation Letter for Su Win Htet

During my campaign for US Senate, Su Win Htet joined YoungINC.LA to pursue her mission to create equitable, adequate health care system for her country, Myanmar. Since she has proven herself as part of #NextGenLeaders, I wholeheartedly support and trust her to achieve this objective. This determination and intelligence will benefit your program, improve the healthcare of Southeast Asia, and improve international relations. In 2015, my US Senate campaign (http://www.chittun.us/) inspired Su Win Htet (http://www.younginc.la/members/suwinhtet/) to collaborate internationally to represent her country as well as promote health and wellness in her community.

In my interviews with The Irrawaddy (http://www.irrawaddy.com/interview/burmese-american-eyeing-us-senate-i-was-given-this-opportunity-so-i-am-taking-it.html) and BBC (http://www.bbc.com/burmese/mobi_geno/2016/02/160222_mobigeno_senate), I challenged millennials residing in Asia to organize and to enact change for themselves as #NextGenLeaders (http://www.nextgenleaders.info/). In order to network, organize, and act, these #NextGenLeaders signed onto YoungINC.LA (http://www.younginc.la/), an online incubator and accelerator for tech, new media, organizations and politics of JBM (http://www.jbmstrategies.com/). The students organized under STUDENTdirect International (http://www.studentdirectinternational.info/), a platform where students, professors, and professionals discuss international issues and collaborate to solve them. Within the different communities and programs within YoungINC.LA, Su Win Htet quickly became a champion of health and wellness for Asia.

Su Win Htet devotes her life to improving the state of health of her country’s residents and is preparing to lead comprehensive medical and health reform. Before establishing her philanthropy, CHIME, Su Win Htet researched the most effective plan to help her community with her limited resources by consulting Nyunt Thein, M.D, emeritus professor of Institute of Medicine 1, and Aung Aung Lwin, M.D, founder of Brighter Future Foundation. She pursued several certificates as well as familiarized herself with investment, finance, and management of nongovernmental organizations and hospitals. Her charity will raise money to promote fitness and acquire medical equipment for her local hospitals, but her resolve does not end there. She continues to prepare to help establish a hospital that will serve the public and is prepared to sacrifice security and comfort to achieve that goal. She is prepared to improve health and medicine of Myanmar. She continues to rally other #NextGenLeaders from other industries and countries to collaborate to bring about multilateral, systematic change. Her New Hippocratic Oath displays her insight in the need for a comprehensive, adaptive mindset needed to prevent future problems and her leadership:

I will use my medical knowledge to benefit people’s health. I will be honest, respectful, and compassionate to all.

I will provide a good standard of care, uninfluenced by political or religious pressure, or the age, race, sexual orientation, social class, or wealth of my patient.

While her goals are ambitious, her display of political, financial, and medical savvy makes her my top candidate for systematic change in Asia. Your acceptance of her into your program will not surprise me in the least since she is an excellent candidate, and you will benefit tremendously with her attendance. However, your denial will surprise me and disappoint me.

Warm regards,



Joshua Chit Tun


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