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Jonathan Blair for US Congress

Jonathan Blair for US Congress

This is my proposal of why I believe Jonathan is a good candidate for US Congress as part of #NextGenLeaders.

  1. He has been very involved with STUDENTdirect International. As he progresses with his campaign, I do believe he will make for a good delegate.
  2. He is very familiar with the Multi Ethnic Cultural Association (MECA). He advocates, in his everyday life, the principles of MECA. We can maximize P.R. in the upcoming "A Night of Cultural Diversity".
  3. Being that Jonathan is GLGC status, he is very knowledgeable of the way MECA Entertainment operates; putting on events in conjunction with his campaign would not be so difficult.
  4. I will assign him the responsibility of managing Initiating Community Action @ Pasadena City College (ICA@PCC). Photos, content, and past experiences will be documented and made transparent. All relevant content will be considered in our P.R. efforts pertaining to Jonathan Blair.
  5. He has attended majority of meetings when it comes to the STUDENTdirect Youth Initiative and ICA Displaced Initiative. In this process he has gained valuable experience.
  6. As we expand STUDENTdirect Studios, he will present this as one of his initiatives when it comes to improving education and creating a vibrant supportive community.
  7. From my assessment, his family and church community is very supportive. Raising the initial 2,000 dollars to register would not be too difficult.
  8. He has the time and his friends can be leveraged in regards to all social media efforts.

To conclude, via JBM Community, the groundwork has already been established. We will move forward once he gives me his official response, but I am confident that Jonathan Blair is highly motivated to become a US Congressman.

Please provide feedback and updates in the comment section below.

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