#NextGen Advocate
Event: TV Taping of #NextGenLeaders Featuring Joshua Chit Tun, U.S. Senate Candidate

When: April 27, 2016 at 5:30pm - 7:30pm


Pasadena Media
150 S Los Robles Ave Suite 101
Pasadena, CA 91101-2441

US Senate candidate, Myanmar American Joshua Chit Tun, will discuss the global impact of #NextGenLeaders on The Conner Bubble, hosted by Joe W. Conner, PhD.

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About Joshua Chit Tun

Joshua Chit Tun is a student leader, entrepreneur, executive producer, and humanitarian. In 2006, Joshua Chit Tun establishes the student group, Multi Ethnic Cultural Association (MECA), at Pasadena City College (PCC) when he was 20 years old. In the first 3 days of recruitment, over 700 students sign up for MECA. MECA held events that celebrated and promoted cultural diversity and inclusion. Due to MECA's success at PCC, he expanded MECA's chapters to other schools in Southern California. His experience with MECA inspired him to establish STUDENTdirect Charitable Foundation (STUDENTdirect) in 2012 when he was 26. STUDENTdirect supports students around the world to communicate, collaborate, and advocate for their causes. STUDENTdirect helped Eagle Rock High School Senior Class Officers raise over $12,000.00 during their haunted house. Joshua Chit Tun made this possible by donating $3,000.00 to kick start the production of the event. In 2014, along with MECA advisor Brian Antezana, he becomes a cofounder of JBM Strategies, LLC, and its subsidiaries, JBM Community, Inc, and LUXURY DEFINED, LLC at age 28. JBM Strategies creates and coordinates strategies that empower people to solve international issues. Joshua Chit Tun is a cofounder of YoungINC.LA, a JBM Strategies online incubator and accelerator in tech, new media, international organizations, and politics.

About #NextGenLeaders

#NextGenLeaders is an online community on YoungINC.LA that help members collaborate professionally and internationally. #NextGenLeaders come from every industry and build interdisciplinary strategies and projects. #NextGenLeaders political candidates embrace the responsibility to make sure that future generations will prosper. They believe that governments and politics need leadership from younger generations since they live with the consequences of their decisions the most.

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#NextGenLeaders, a new class of leaders, change the world by collaborating together in disparate industries, such as education, community organization, politics, tech, new media, and governments. We embrace the responsibility to make sure that future generations will prosper. We create, accelerate, and acquire innovative leaders to lead and unify the world to improve humanity's future.

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