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I would like to celebrate with you on the 29th of August my 29th birthday. This was made possible due to the generosity of Vanessa Marsot, a Strategic Advisor to Initiating Community Action. Other close colleagues of mine will be present such as Brian Antezana my campaign manager for the US SenateRamon Barajas III a Congressional candidate, Jonathan Blair a State Assembly Member candidate, and a variety of leadership affiliated with me through STUDENTdirect.

Also Raymond Thu, my good friend and mentor, to be specific my only friend who shares with me the same origin of birth, Burma, will be there, what can I say, I couldn't exclude OldINC.LA.

I truly am excited to see old friends and new friends, have a few drinks, and take some sketchy #JCforUSSenateBTS photos. Let's be honest next year I am 30 and who knows maybe the person most likely to be the youngest US Senator, so there is only one thing to do, party!

In general:

Guests may arrive as early as 6pm, it is a pool party so swimwear is recommended but not required. As well Miss Marsot just recently installed a Pole Dance Studio. Be prepared for Pole dance lessons and performances, which will begin at 8pm. Via In Eutero Productions Vanessa and I filmed a short sketch for this party, to say the least it is hilarious.

We also will be putting on a special performance, "Russian Bachata" as some of you already know as a member of the Multi Ethnic Cultural Association I am always promoting diversity.

At this party both Vanessa and I will be introducing to our guests Ellora, an organic health and fitness wellness center as well as #NextGenLeaders, a political movement.

So please do party with us and let us know if you will be in attendance and do you plan on bringing an additional guest. Let's make this Sat. #Ellora and #NexGenLeaders epic.

Do message me for event info such as the address, + 1, and dress code. (626) - 787 - 5362

P.S. Let's go chunky dipping!

- Joshua Chit Tun


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