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"Becoming #NextGenLeaders" Program



  1. Introductions
    1. What made you pursue your career?
    2. Can you tell us about your company?
  2. Becoming #NextGenLeaders
    1. How did the Multi Ethnic Cultural Association (MECA) and STUDENTdirect start counteracting the effects of the Great Recession?
    2. Why was starting with the largest monoculture, students, important to start positioning #NextGenLeaders to affect global change?
    3. What prompted you to begin raising capital for a private conglomerate? Where did this capital come from?
    4. How does YoungINC.LA unify, incubate, and accelerate organizations, #NextGenLeaders, and strategic partnerships for JBM?
    5. Why did you progress from building a conglomerate to #NextGenLeaders political candidate?
    6. How did you start Joshua Chit Tun for his campaign for U.S. Senate?
    7. Why did you not proceed with the Republican's plan for Joshua Chit Tun's U.S. Senate campaign?
    8. How did JBM Community's plan for Joshua Chit Tun's campaign for U.S. Senate inspire other millennials to organize politically, collaborate internationally, and become candidates?
    9. What happened after BBC interviewed Joshua Chit Tun?
    10. How did The Myanmar Review interview of Joshua Chit Tun on the state of Myanmar and democracy unite #NextGenLeaders? How did they collaborate?
    11. How do these events prove that #NextGenLeaders political campaigns improve international relations and inspire #NextGenLeaders to invite and to collaborate?
    12. Where are #NextGenLeaders international political parties being currently developed?
    13. What is Africa's status on their development of #NextGenLeaders political campaigns?
    14. What is the difference between millennials and Generation Next/GenoMe (Generation Mobile)/Mobi-Geno(Generation Mobile)?
    15. How did the Arab Spring show the dangers of millennials acting without strategy?
  3. Conclusion
    1. Where do you see your work's impact in 10 years?
    2. Where can people follow you and your work?
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  • #NextGen Delegate

    This is a good outline, but I believe Dr. Conner will only ask a few of these questions and you will discuss how you want, also due to time and in general stamina, if Jai is to be interviewed, I believe this would be the best segment, so this way the program is streamlined to just First interview- global impact, Second Interview - Q & A, Third Interview - Discussion Panel, Fourth interview - becoming #NextGenLeaders.

    From 6 - 8:30pm this should be manageable and from 4:30 - 5:30 pm the photo op and small interviews on camera can be done. BTS type content.

    - Joshua Chit Tun

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