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A Need for a New Political Party

After much research and being that I am Republican, regardless, with a two party system I truly feel discriminated. I want to advocate for the American people, especially when a younger perspective is needed, all politics affect future generations. As such I will be running for US Senator as a Next Gen Leader, in this context I want to provide an alternative for those who want to see a change in government, this includes Democrats and Republicans.

Besides my candidacy for US Senate there are other individuals who feel the same need to diversify and bring a younger perspective to US Diplomacy. In this regards Next Gen Leaders will be running in a variety of states for the US Senate and Congress as well as for the State Senate and Assembly as it applies.

One person is not the difference but a collective group organized for political change will give meaning once more to the statement no taxation without representation.

Please consider this and join me as we change governance through education, community organizations, and political parties.

Further this is one world and we must protect all humanity and life forms, so be prepared for the commitment, everything we do as Next Gen Leaders has a global impact.

To conclude we will create a leadership structure first by state, then by counties, in addition we will develop Next Gen Leaders to run for state political offices, and for those who can federal political offices.

The membership structure and governance is still being discussed, but as this is the beginning of a new political party, those who want to lead we suggest you apply yourself.

Be aware that a membership fee structure will be introduced, as well we will start to organize events, and as such create a newsletter.

Our core principles at the moment is the self preservation of humanity, to promote equality, to fight against discrimination, to improve education, to increase the well being of others, to create a culture of merit and compassion vs. greed and corruption.

All issues we will address will be formatted through the following: creating forums and engaging community organizations.

I believe in you as you have believed in me, change is coming, so join a party where your voice and contributions matter. Let your voice become part of the solution, and allow me to lead, enable me to become a better steward and likewise make stewards of Next Gen Leaders who will one day voice your concerns and solutions in governance. You are the answer, join me as a Next Gen Leader.

Joshua Chit Tun

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