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#NextGen Delegate

During my campaign for US Senate, Su Win Htet joined YoungINC.LA to pursue her mission to create equitable, adequate health care system for her country, Myanmar. Since she has proven herself as part of #NextGenLeaders, I wholeheartedly support and tr

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Press Opportunity for #NextGenLeaders on C.C.N

Greetings #NextGenLeaders, 

I wanted to share this opportunity with you all. I was invited to speak on Crown City News this upcoming April 1st as for my current developments in the #NextGenLeader communities. Below is a set of topic ideas that could b

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#NextGenLeaders, a new class of leaders, change the world by collaborating together in disparate industries, such as education, community organization, politics, tech, new media, and governments. We embrace the responsibility to make sure that future generations will prosper. We create, accelerate, and acquire innovative leaders to lead and unify the world to improve humanity's future.

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