Salsa Dancing

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When the song absolutely moves you and the rhythm guides you.

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  • .LA Collaborator

    She sounded like she was having fun

    • #NextGen Delegate

      Well as for me, at that time, I was quite nervous, since I was still learning how to dance.

      Theres a video that I have when I first got introduced to dance, well its quite horrible, my steps and timing, you tell I am counting.

      Back then I never thought I could dance, especially anything to do with ballroom, especially when M.E.C.A. first starrted, I would go to different events with other members, and I just would stand at the corner and watch.

      Now to think of it, I believe females are more natural to this, especially at a much younger age, definitely that applies to me.

      Ha, in some instances, the male members couldnt get inside the venue, we would just watch from outside the window and do our steps.

      Youtube did not exist at the time, how much has changed.

  • #NextGen Delegate

    This group always knows how to have fun, this is after we just finished salsa class, we are actually dancing on the rooftop of the gym.

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