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Kizomba Nation LA under Rome's direction is quite interesting. I have met Rome on many occasions and am very aware of all the exciting things that take place with his group. Unfortunately I am always busy so I have not truly experienced Kizomba as Rome demonstrates very well with his group.

However the above video is a snippet of our private class.

I was first introduced to Kizomba at a CSULB Salsa Beach Social.

Further I was ecstatic when at a friend's party Rome broke down the steps and gave an intro class.

- Joshua Chit Tun

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  • #NextGen Delegate

    Here is a playlist of the basic movements in Kizomba. I use these videos to prep before taking any Kizomba related classes. It seems I learn very well from Youtube Uploaded Videos.

    - Joshua Chit Tun

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