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#NextGen Delegate

Tuesday Latin Dance Social

For those interested, there is a salsa social taking place in Pasadena at the Ixtapa this Tuesday evening, organized by Latin Dance Pro. They are offering classes beginning at 7:30. After 9pm it becomes a social. Admission is free.

For those who want to meet up with me, I will be there at 8pm.
For those who want an intro to the basics to salsa these videos may help:
As for something I have been working on in preparation for the upcoming "A Night of Cultural Diversity"
Do let me know if you plan on attending this meet up.
For those who would like to meet this is the itinery:
Meet and Greet: 8- 9pm @ Ixtapa in Pasadena
9pm - 10pm Introduction to salsa and bachata.
10pm - midnight Socializing and Dirty Dancing

Midnight - TBD Dirty food @ Chinatown
Joshua Chit Tun

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