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Express Your Roots Toward New Generations

Express Your Roots Toward New Generations

Express Your Roots Toward New Generations is an organized parade by the community of South Los Angeles. It is a multicultural parade event in which cultures from all over the world gather for one day and bring a taste of their culture through gastronomy, arts, history, and more. It is a time in which we gather as one people. 

This year, the community of South Los Angeles has asked the Multi-Ethnic Cultural Association to co-host such event. The 2nd annual multicultural parade will be taking place on September 9th in South Park. 

The event is currently presented by the Guardian Angels Multicultural Foundation and The Office of City Council District 9. Our community partners include the Coalition for Responsible Community Development, South Park, Los Angeles Police Department Newton Division, T.R.U.S.T L.A, Los Angeles Youth Commission, and Los Angeles Fire Department among others. 

Our community initiatives include the Luv Matters Foundation for Victims of Trauma, TELETON USA for children with special needs, Mexican Cultural Institute of Los Angeles for preserving the culture of Mexico's roots, Latin American Cinemateca of Los Angeles for preserving the cinema of Latin America, and Children's Hospital for the care of children among others.

The event itself will consist of a parade march through South Los Angeles starting and ending at South Park. The parade will begin with the introduction of our Grand Marshall, who has been chosen by the court to be Mr. Ramon Barajas III, gubernatorial candidate for California Governor, which will be followed by the ribbon cutting and finally the beginning of the parade. Throughout the parade itself, you can expect to see a taste of every culture being showcased in various forms. Once the parade arrives at South Park, the festival aspect will take place. 

We have gathered quite the spectacle. Our entertainment lineup will consist of musical, dance, and theatrical shows. We will be hosting a job fair for employment opportunities, a health fair for health needs, as well as a farmer's market which will include a few local vendors and participants. 

As for the Multi-Ethnic Cultural Association program and its members, the opportunity to be part of what will be a historic opportunity as well bring awareness of the program seems perfect timing indeed with many more surprises yet to come, it is an event you won't want to miss.

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  • #NextGen Delegate
    How can members of Multi Ethnic Cultural Association help and what is the contact email and number.

    - Joshua Chit Tun
    • .LA Collaborator

      We have the forms for those that would like to participate as members of MECA. (Participant Letter). We also have a Vendor/Donation Letter for those who are interested in giving a financial contribution. As for the contact, depending on what area of interest they have, there is a contact assigned. In this case, if most of the MECA members are students or are young, our contact assigned is Lily Larsen, chair of the youth committee outreach. 

  • #NextGen Advocate
    Sounds great. What does MECA need to do to be involved?
    • .LA Collaborator

      MECA doesn't really need any specific detailed involvement requirements since it is the one the co organizers of the event. 

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