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The JB Management Group™ conducts consultations and management for private entities by providing an independent layer that helps them with finance, professional representation, and leadership. Within this division, we have managed and consulted tech startups such as Peers™, YoungINC.LA™, and LUXURY DEFINED™ to take full advantage of every department and service within JBM Strategies™.

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JB Management, the tech arm of JBM Strategies, manage tech startups from inception to beyond the Initial Public Offering (I.P.O.) stages. Through expert leadership, guidance, ingenuity and commitment, the founders, stockholders, and management of our clients are given the best chances for their venture to succeed without the fallout that mires the industry.

What separates JB Management from every other competitor is our custom-made relationship with JBM Community and STUDENTdirect. As in JBM Strategies' multimedia arm, JB Management's incubators and accelerators are across campuses and within campuses throughout the world. JB Management cultivates the best talent and grooms them to succeed with their ventures.

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