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In my recent trip to UCLA this past week I have realized the opportunities and the need for Initiating Community Action to be more involved with STUDENTlife at UCLA.

In past conversations with Christina Gasparian, a UCLA ALumni and Executive Director of Initiating Community Action at large, we will put in perspective some of the things she and I discussed.

To help put things in perspective the following links will prove useful:


In general we have many campaigns such as the STUDENTdirect Youth Initiative and ICA Displaced Initiative that is always in need of student leaders. We are able to operate due to volunteers and community sponsors.

To conclude we are planning an awareness campaign, "A Night of Cultural Diversity". Christina and I look forward to the many groups who can help with this. This series of events is coordinated by the STUDENTdirect Charitable Foundation official outreach program, Multi Ethnic Cultural Association.

- Joshua Chit Tun

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Initiating Community Action helps residents and community establishments through community service and fundraising. Through ICA you will not only be able to help others and be part of a fun filled, goal driven organization, you will also receive college certified community service hours, which looks great on any application.

Initiating Community Action is the official volunteer program of the STUDENTdirect Charitable Foundation.

UCLA Initiating Community Action Founding Members: 

  • Christina Gasparian
  • George Arias
  • Brian Antezana
  • Ramon Barajas 



Vice President of Operations:

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