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The Need for a Displaced Initiative

The Need for a Displaced Initiative

This is definitely a big issue to tackle. The importance to have a‪#‎Displaced‬ ‪#‎Initiative‬ could not be anymore more important than today. We need to start addressing this issue for is an issue that affects the‪#‎youth‬ today.

For those that remember, in the past i have volunteered with churches and community organizations via food bank programs, community kitchen events, shelters programs, etc to make a difference. However to really understand the issue from within, I took it further and began to sit down with our lovely guests and held conversations with them, for they are not different from us and we should not treat them differently.

I was able to get a better understand on what the issues where and how i can better make a difference. I did some field work independently and actually was granted permission to spend a few nights in a few shelters indoors and outdoors, to get the full experience of a homeless individual and the struggle they must go through everyday.

Not only did learn a lot about them, but i also learn about myself. Those are moments i carry with me everyday and the are the reason why i strive to be a person of ‪#‎humility‬, spread ‪#‎love‬,‪#‎peace‬,‪#‎hope‬,‪#‎unity‬ everyday.

I have worked with Joshua Chit Tun for the longest time alongside a few organizations towards this initiative for quite a few years. Now we are in the midst of planning a #youth ‪#‎gala‬ to recognize the #youth and address the ‪#‎displaced‬ issue, for it is impacting the young community at a large scale. I look forward to working together to‪ #‎liberate‬ & ‪#‎educate‬ communities about this issue. 


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Initiating Community Action helps residents and communities via community service and fundraising. Through ICA, not only will you be able to help others and be part of a fun-filled, goal-driven organization, you will also receive college-certified, community-service hours, which looks great on any application.

Initiating Community Action is the official volunteer program of the STUDENTdirect Charitable Foundation. 

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