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Initiating Community Action helps residents and community establishments through community service and fundraising. Through ICA you will not only be able to help others and be part of a fun filled, goal driven organization, you will also receive college certified community service hours, which looks great on any application.

Initiating Community Action is the official volunteer program of the STUDENTdirect Charitable Foundation.

Glendale Community College Initiating Community Action Founding Members: 

  • Alex Tamrazian
  • Aram Ter- Oganesyan
  • Arsine Torosyan
  • Ramon Barajas
  • Joshua Chit Tun

Rosette Aghekian


Vice President of Operations:

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40 Volunteers
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YoungINC.LA | Bulletin | Brand Tag: "Initiating Community Action GCC Chapter"

YoungINC.LA | Bulletin | Brand Tag: "Initiating Community Action"