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As a leadership program, the topic of assigning leadership positions for ERHS ICA has been briefly addressed.  We will need nominations for the following titles:

  1. President
  2. Vice President of Operations
  3. Vice President of Finance

    The Board will consist of a Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, and Advisor

as well as:

  • Director of Community Development (community service)
  • Director of Public Relations (social media)
  •  Director of Finance (fundraising events)
  •  Director of Marketing (Media Groups)
  • Director of Business (all games, activities, subscribers, and potential sponsors)

For each nomination I will need names on who will attain the position and the reasoning behind it. 

Here is a reference to the importance and significance in outlining this structure: Documents for ERHS ICA Leadership

Also when it comes to organizing volunteers at large, the Executive Office at their discretion form committees and appoint Chairs.

Thank you in advance,

ERHS Initiating Community Action Leadership

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  • #NextGen Delegate

    Moving forward you can focus on the campaigns and naturally, those who are more involved, consistent, and hold themselves accountable will be recognized as the new leadership, and it will reflect on their YoungINC.LA resumes and Letter of Recommendations.

    - Joshua Chit Tun, #rebelsenator

    • .LA Contributor
      Thank you. We look forward to the involvement of the program throughout the process of the campaign.
  • #NextGen Delegate

    By default as a Founding member, Monica Barry will remain as President, she reports directly to me and Mark Kramer who will continue to serve as Advisor.

    As for VP of Operations if no one objects I would like to nominate Kaelyn. She seems very organized and will have no issues coordinating with the Director of Public Relations and Director of Marketing.

    As for VP of Finance I would like to nominate Ashley. I believe she can work well with the Director of Finance as well as Director of Business and I can mentor her throughout the process of what it means to raise money effectively and build relations with partners that want to see this leadership team succeed in what they advocate for such as but not limited to the ERHS Girls Basketball Program.

    - Joshua Chit Tun

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