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This is where the discussion for branding ERHS Girls Basketball will take place, further do familiarize yourself with all the tabs found on the ERHS Initiating Community Action branded pages, it will help move forward with branding ERHS Girls Basketball. I will create a different note for anything specific to ERHS ICA as we progress, but as for this note I would like to highlight that since ERHS Girls Basketball is the beneficiary we need to assign someone with uploading press photos of the team, just a few good pictures in different situations with descriptions.

Also we need to agree on the hashtags for Twitter and Instagram.

As well are we considering in having an official Twitter and Instagram account for ERHS Girls Basketball and if so who will manage it.

As we progress and there are more tasks who would be good recruits for ERHS ICA so tasks can be delegated.

In regards to upcoming meetings to secure sponsors, here is the online sponsorship form that can be adapted:
For future reference when orgs and sponsors want to be further involved they can connect with us through the following link:

I would like Belinda to also have an account on here, since now she is a graduate she can be of use when it comes to upcoming meetings with sponsors, further she maybe able to leverage her college peers. Can someone contact her to find out?

As for information on the STUDENTdirect Charitable Foundation when it comes to asking for help from teachers and students in other departments and programs at Eagle Rock High School you may reference the following link:
To conclude please provide me in a comment below links to 8 images related to ERHS Girls Basketball. These images should well represent your team. Further in another comment please describe your team. When going through this thought process look up your favorite basketball teams websites and think the same for your branding. Will have team of graphic designers to rebrand the image so its enticing but in another comment please reference the links of favorite websites for sports team so we have some framework to work with.

For example:

We want to do something similar with top players on your team and link such images to their YoungINC.LA accounts, this will serve as their player stats and the brand pages will recognize top performers, rank and reward them accordingly.

In general do approve this post by clicking the star button, it should be somewhere near the top right of this post, as well liking the post which is near the top left.
Do leave your comments and references to your links below. Do not forget to follow this post, click the follow text located near the bottom right.

Here is an additional link if you need help brainstorming what it means to develop a brand:

Thank You,

Joshua Chit Tun

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    I am pleased we are passed this stage as for branding and are moving forward with the campaigns. But do note that Mr. Kramer discussed the importance of always having content. This will be part of our newsletter thought process as we move forward with a fb social media page for the ERHS Girls Basketball as well via Constant Contact building an effective email list and onboarding process.

    We want to improve the effectiveness of our fundraising campaigns.

    - Joshua Chit Tun, #rebelsenator

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    I believe that Monica and Coach Kramer have images that represent our team.  I will contact them of updated photos

  • Top Advisor

    I have some current pictures. I can get them to you if you tell me where to  send them.

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    In regards to the photos, we can definitely to get started use the photos we did a while back, unless the group has something more current.

    In addition I have a photographer in mind, Matthew Church that can do photos as in action shots, like you would see in players cards. He is part of the STUDENTdirect Charitable Foundation multi-media program MECA Entertainment.

    So in the future we can get creative with graphics, but at this moment I just really wanted to put a brand page together for ERHS Girls Basketball, so there is nothing wrong with using the photos we already have.

    The sooner the brand page is done the sooner we can reach out to potential sponsors in the community.

    - Joshua Chit Tun

  • Sorry for the late comment. I will contact the group to discuss these proposals further.
    • Top Organizer

      No worries, I understand, the last few weeks I am pretty sure a lot took place with school related activities, spring break, and exams.

      Do let me know when your group has had the time to digest.

      Thank you.

      - Joshua Chit Tun

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