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Letter of Recommendation: Monica Barry

To whom it concerns, Monica Barry is an individual who is responsible, organized, analytical, and reserved.  She volunteered to pre-intern with the organization in 2013. During the duration of her pre- internship she has brought so much to the STUDENTdirect Charitable Foundation's volunteer program Initiating Community Action. Not only did she play a key role in strategizing and implementing the functionality of her chapter's marketing goals, but also the policies that would help the organization operate more efficiently for 2015 when it came to supporting their initiative, ERHS Girls Basketball Program.

For her to take on such a large responsibility as to outline the functionality of her chapter and to create a leadership team to coordinate with, I needed to have absolute trust in her, of which I did due to her morale compass and her utter devotion to her principles. To say the least this trust was never misplaced, through her constant research and analysis we were able to better execute the sponsorship/ partnership structure of ERHS Initiating Community Action, chapter which would serve as an example for other chapters.

While Monica Barry was pre-interning for STUDENTdirect International via Initiating Community Action, I remember clearly she was involved in a variety of activities. I always mentioned to her how for anyone it would be too much to manage in a semester, but nevertheless she did. I am amazed in how she is able to manage her academics, afterschool activities, sports, and pre-internship.

Whenever in conversation with high school or college students Monica is always an example and to me she exemplifies what hard working and diligent students can achieve. Consequently one could not describe the amount of energy and time Monica Barry exerted on the organization's behalf. Due to her involvement the Board of Directors were confident in my ability to administer the non-profit's new direction in media- content creation as a way to provide an extended curriculum to educators.

This confidence was not misplaced as such productions built a forum between high school and college students, further partnerships and relations with the Rotary International, Kiwanis International, Lions International, the Fraternal Order of Eagles, and other reputable organizations.

This success would not have been possible without Monica Barry's commitment and passion, I've noticed most of our partners joined our campaign to better advocate to the youth through arts because of how devoted she was to the campaign and her sincerity to the cause.

In the duration of her pre-internship she served as a founding member of Eagle Rock High School Initiating Community Action, chapter, as a representative of Initiating Community Action helping establish new relations, as an event coordinator with MECA Entertainment to help produce the Jovenes Youth Awards Gala, as a general member of the Multi Ethnic Cultural Association doing her part to promote diversity in all that we did, and as a valued member of STUDENTdirect International to improve communication amongst our international chapters. Not only did she meet with the Board of Directors, but also members of our production units, as well as the various STUDENTdirect Officers and community partners the Foundation is affiliated with. What I am most pleased with Miss Barry is what came of her efforts, STUDENTdirect in the way it currently operates, the type of initiatives it starts, how campaigns are marketed, and how students can be engaged and build their resume by being involved in such efforts. I credit this due to her diligence in advocating the need for better coordination and marketing. In summary her efforts have led to the culmination of STUDENTdirect International that operates by managing and absorbing multiple initiatives under Initiating Community Action to better produce and market campaigns; she is every part of the reason we exist.

As I prepare the Foundation in a series of campaigns to raise public support and awareness and as I work with our international network, I am reminded of all of Monnica Barry's accomplishments in behalf of  STUDENTdirect International and the communities that it serves. In general, Monica Barry's contributions were vital in the structuring of Initiating Community Action and its components.


Joshua Chit Tun
STUDENTdirect Charitable Foundation, Chairman
Email: ChitTun@mySTUDENTdirect.com

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  • Thank you very much, Josh. You have taught me so much in these 3 years that we have worked together. I appreciate all that you do and that you have taught me. I know 2016 will be a strong year for ICA.
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