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Delphi Village - Larger Vision Deck and Financials

Delphi Village and SymbioNet are asking Ignited Foundation to be a part of them. Check out the following and reply with your opinion. Please see the attachment as well:

From: Matthew Belair <>
Great to chat…
Below is an update on Delphi and attached is our deck with financials, along with an overview of SymbioNet.
I’m sending a separate email for the crowdfunding and festival.
As one of the first permanent and regenerative festival grounds in development, we are laying a lot of groundwork that will transfer to other land projects in the future.
Here’s what we’ve accomplished so far, and some great things that are coming up:

  • In escrow on the 155-acres in the Eldorado Mountains. Securing land is a many step process and we’ve been working with the land owners, attorneys, title company, engineers, etc. to make sure everything is handled properly. For fun, search Delphi Village on Google Earth and you can view the property!
  • Attracting a top-notch team. As our reach grows, accomplished architects, engineers, artists, producers, and business professionals are hearing about and joining our team to build out this revolutionary property. You can view who they are, and see our latest presentation deck at (The list is continually growing, so the deck may not reflect all of our partners.)
  • Conducting outreach to impact investors and strategic partners. This project has been our primary focus and has required the preparation of extensive documentation including creating presentation decks, a detailed financial model, company structure, waterfalls, etc.
  • Initiating Delphi Coalition, our local non-profit, and targeting donors. Delphi Village is a for-profit social enterprise and Delphi Coalition is its affiliated non-profit organization. Establishing this entity now allows us to receive donations from people wanting to fund the Desert Oasis Project—an initiative that will incubate and showcase technologies used to sustainably thrive in desert environments.
  • Planning a crowdfunding campaign and our inaugural CrowdFounders Festival. Deep in planning our first annual Delphi Village CrowdFounders Festival! Tickets, camping passes, and amazing perks will be available through the crowdfunding campaign launching in the spring. In addition to funding the festival, the crowdfunding campaign will support the initial build-out and permitting for Delphi Village.

Adam Krim
323 270 435
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Matt Belair

Instagram: @zenathlete and @mattbelair

Attachment: Introduction to SymbioNet, January 2016

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  • #NextGen Advocate

    I do not know the extent that they want Ignited's involvement, but, from what I can tell, they probably want Ignited to market them pro bono or for a low price. If that is the case, they should sweeten the pot for some equity. SymbioNet should give equity because the probability that they will have a return on investment (ROI) is high and the only thing that they lack is the capital, but I find that hard to believe. Delphi Village, on the other hand, is untested and should give Ignited equity based on the risk Ignited will take if Ignited participates with them.

    I find that Delphi Village's requested loan of $3,000,000.00 for a 3-year promissory note at 10% APR to not benefit either party. For the lender, Delphi Village is quite a risk in addition to the promissory note being unsecured, which means that there is no collateral in case of default. Delphi Village does not need the added pressure to pay back $900,000.00 in 3 years. The projected revenue is optimistic, at best, and the first few years are critical to a business. It is better to give up some equity than to put your whole ventures at risk.

    Unless SymbioNet and Delphi Village offers Ignited equity and monetary compensation for its services, I believe the parties need to negotiate further.

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