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Published by Christopher Ignited Ellis on April 22, 2016 at 1:31am:

An Introduction to an Entrepreneurial Expedition with a Cause

The "Ignited Foundation" is a collaboration of some of the greatest minds from all corners of this world. With the induction of each founding Ambassador comes their unique skill set, resources, education, and network of friends and colleagues. We believe that everyone has something to give and something they are lacking. No one person, one Brand, Company or Organization has every piece of the puzzle in place. We have began the endless pursuit of uniting, and "Igniting", these brilliant minds to create a foundation of resources to produce a boundless network of free professional resources. "Ignited" is aimed to fill the void that we all run into while in search of our dreams. We believe that the pursuit of your dream job, or project, etc, is at the heart of humanities best interest We want to incorporate our Ambassadors in professional curtesy, a "pay it forward" model, if you will, in order to reach a level where humanity can find bliss in their pursuit of financial freedom. Our hope is that this model will unintentionally create a harmony between professionalism and personal relationships.

Statistics say that in the US, 83% of working professionals are living paycheck to paycheck and they feel unfulfilled with their work.*

We conducted a study at Bankerd University with woo working class professionals (hourly paid employees aged 25-39, males and females, with dependents) from around the world. We sought to find what "Ignited" their passions.

With a base line developed from questions asked about their personal and professional lives, we monitored their hormone levels and their psychological patterns and sociological tendencies throughout the session This was a blind study done with the motivation of the applicants being that they were participating in a study about stress related subjects.

When the curator presented a glimpse of change by attempting mirrored body language and suggesting "If we were to allow you all the resources you would ever need to fulfill your dream job, what would it be, and why?" It was noted most participants had a significant positive change in behavioral actions, increases to the speed and pitch of their voice, excited movements, hand gestures were used significantly more apparent during this question than any other and their facial expressions (ie widened eyes, more smiling and laughing, more direct eye contact with the curator, etc) The participants presented an overall happier and friendlier character. We also noted changes in brain behaviors, measuring significant bursts of cortisone and epinephrine. These images and tests were comparable to the same images and tests results seen from a person who had just consumed cocaine. The test also demonstrated that this state of physical and emotional improvement was usually sustained till the end of the session.

The purpose of this study was to back our motivation to pursue this entrepreneurial expedition; if we can use the power of suggestion to cause such positive reactions, then the actions of the "Ignited Foundation" will be a significant improvement for the greater good of all.

As this movement is taking shape, new Ambassadors for their individual expertise are joining our team every day and we are creating a database of opportunity. "Ignited" has been carefully, yet almost unintentionally, started with a small, diverse group of like-minded professionals. People who want to help people. When a resources is needed to reach their "ever so slightly out of range" goal, a request is made and a chain reaction of professional courtesy is delivered, as a means to their end goal. In return, that Ambassador will reach his goal, "Igniting" him/her to return the favor. Creating an endless stream of resources and opportunity.

The "Ignited Foundation is not about money or charity or wealth, it is the opposite, we want to give back to parts of the world that have been neglected in a way that benefits everyone to create harmony and unity. As we reach out for each other and selflessly give, the return on our investment is tenfold. "Ignited" works with homeless organizations, medical research development/awareness, scientific developments, sports, education, entertainment, the arts and so many more organizations that need the help of the collective. What can you do for another? Can we change the world? Can you make a difference? Can we change your world? YES, we can!

What can you do for another? Can we change the world? Can you make a difference? Can we change your world? YES WE CAN!

BY: BARBIE KECK – Transcendence Ambassador for the Ignited

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