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Equipment Campaign Update: 8/22/16

Tomorrow, Charlize and I will be meeting to finalize our script and creating a "play by play" of our video. In that we need to include everyone we want on our staff/production crew, what clips and images we wish to incorporate, and in general, our vision for the video.  We also need to still add things in our script because although our goals was to keep it short and focused, it ended up being too short. I will post about our meeting tomorrow at 9pm. We have also contacted girls in the Rock Girls Basketball team who have a passion for filming and editing, and we will also discuss with them and see if they have any advice on where to film/ any strategies to make the video appear very organized and professional. 

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    What is the URL of the summary of the follow-up meeting on Tuesday, August 23, 2016?
  • Speaking of adding things to the script, I wanted to take in Joshua's comment on how people in the community could help improve the Rock Girls Basketball legacy. I felt we should include more lines (not too many) about how donations could help the program get the equipment it needs, improve their skills on the court, which could lead to a boost of confidence as a basketball team. The donations would also show how the community supports the program, and for a program like this to grow, they need to feel supported from the community around it.
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