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Equipment Campaign Update 8/2/16

This week, I've written down some ideas on how to improve our video and script for our Equipment Campaign (based on the notes that we took when we last presented). For example, we would need to make sure that through out the video our mood and tone remains absorbed into what we are doing, however persuasive in trying to get sponsors for our purposes. I wrote down how we should also be addressing the audience with a serious, yet compelling, voice towards the end of the video since it is their money that we desperately need for the equipment we are working very hard to attain. However, we should avoid approaching our audience too professionally, as it may bore them. We must interest them in ways we need to thoroughly think about. With this, I will continue to think about ways to improve the overall project and discuss with the group how we would apply these changes into our script and video in order to move onto a more revised and improved version of our project. 

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  • .LA Contributor

    These are great guidelines to keep in mind while making the video.  This will definitely help us stay on track.

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