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Current Development: Boogiezone Beyond

This is what we discussed in the Incorporator's Meeting.

The Board of Directors will consist of the following:

Elm Pizarro - Chairman
Joshua Chit Tun - Vice Chair
Brian Antezana - Secretary
Carlos Paredes - Treasurer

Jai Pellerin - Finance Director
Derrick Gary - Finance Director
Sean Price - Operations Director
Keenan Carter - Operations Director
Ramon Barajas III - Outreach Director
Neil McEvilly - Outreach Director

Shannon Kay - Executive Director

As for Committees, it will consist of the following:

Executive Committee
- Elm Pizarro
- Joshua Chit Tun
- Shannon Kay

Finance Committee
- Carlos Paredes
- Jai Pellerin
- Derrick Gary

Operations Committee
- Brian Antezana
- Sean Price
- Keenan Carter

Outreach Committee
- Joshua Chit Tun
- Ramon Barajas III
- Neil McEvilly

Advisory Board:

Brian Antezana - Chairman
Joey Cooper - Vice Chairman
Greg Pousson - Consultant
Eric Hubbard of Jovenes, Inc. - Consultant
Vanessa Marsot of Ellora Organic Vegan Wellness Center - Consultant

Shannon Kay - Executive Director

As for the programs we will focus on, Boogiezone High School.
As for promotional materials, the Boogiezone Exchange Program.
As for what we will work towards is an academic credited program, which would require grants for research and development, but majority of us feels this is a good direction and something we should explore.

We also discussed what was necessary to incorporate and approved such action items, and agreed to discuss the pending items on a future date.

I will attach the incorporating action list as well as the 1st draft of bylaws and the 1st draft of articles of incorporation to this discussion.

Please do provide feedback in the comments below. Please reference any links or any notes you may have taken at the meeting.

As well please update any major discussion here.

To conclude two exceptional students of Boogiezone High School presented at our meeting. We agreed that we would provide them more support, by one drafting a website, two an area where they can showcase their resume, three the appropriate press releases, four letter of recommendations.

Once this is done we would organize a campaign around their efforts in community development, fundraising, and final showcase. By doing this we want to be able to provide a social retreat such as big bear, scholarships for deserving students, and grants for upcoming events.

The event that they proposed if done right, with the proper sponsors, community partners, and donors can effectively raise 30,000 dollars.

The two students who presented was Daisy and Kristen.

They will discuss with their director Alexis, to confirm if they are on board. We await her response, but in general the student leaders were ecstatic.

I look forward to what we can do as a board in the future and what this means for Boogiezone. I am confident we will succeed. Thank you Elm for giving us this opportunity.

- Joshua Chit Tun

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