This genre bending, mockumentary series follows the estranged Beauty brothers as they try to reconcile after their father's death and reconnect with their childhood community, all while trying to figure out what to do with their father's beauty salon. The Beauty Boyz's joint efforts usually end up as complete (but hilarious) train wrecks.

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Beauty Boys Creator:

Luke Bellmonte

Executive Producers:

JB Entertainment: Joshua Chit Tun and Brian Antezana


Jai Pellerin

Production Manager:
Stephanie Amico

28 Team Members
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Behind the Scenes



  • #NextGen Delegate
    Loving the concept....
  • Top Collaborator
    Beauty Boys, Whats UP!!! Today is the 24th of August and we are currently preparing for today's casting call for three model/actresses for our Promo! Which will be filmed the second week of September. We have myself Producing, Keenan Carter - Directing, and Luke Belmonte - Screen Writing, first steps to yet another successful Production!!! Lets Break some LEGS!!! Stay tuned for updates and pics...
  • Top Creative
    HEY... HEY... HEY.... (Pharrell Voice)
  • Beauty Boys, WHATS UP!!! Today is the 26th of August and the Call Backs have just been issued to Talent and the appointments are set. We will be back in the Studio one more time for the final sesh of this casting. We had a great turn out Sunday I really looking forward to Thursday's event.
  • Top Collaborator
    Wednesday the 27th of August we will be taking a field trip to the recording studio to drop the lyrics on the track! Pics ad Video to come!!! Beauty Boys, WHAT UP!!!
  • Top Collaborator
    Hey Guys a couple of updates, Recording was pushed back a week and we have casted the three models for the promo, Sarah Fasha - Miss Eqypt 2013, Jessie Rabideau - previously on America's Next Top Model, and the dazzling Jocelin Albor. These three lovely ladies will soon have their profiles active on Young INC.LA. From the production side, the Budget is complete, and the production meetings start this week. We will have one more look at the venue on Tuesday the 2nd to ensure all the lights required for the shoot. We will have a production meeting with the entire crew on the Thursday the 4th to discuss the entirety of this portion of the project. Mean while our stylist Rachel Cavalho will be working first hand with the talent to ensure the perfect attire for our talented cast. More updates to come stay tuned and like Nu Dymensionz on FB!
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