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These are the key traits of successful Latinas that are shaping our nation today:  A willingness to be visible in the workplace by demonstrating her skills, knowledge and leadership so that she gets noticed.   A strong comfort with her identity as a Latina--whether she is an immigrant, first generation or someone with a diverse mix of cultures.  A remarkable determination not to be discouraged by the headwinds that come with being a woman of color and to keep moving forward with her personal vision.  And, a strong willingness to take action, step up and take charge of all the various facets of her career and her life.   These remarkable qualities that can empower Latinas to lead in any organization or community and to live a fulfilling life--VIDA!


LatinaVIDA's mission is to engage career minded Latinas in developing their strategic roadmap to reach the C-Suite by connecting them to key resources that support their journey. 


We are veterans of corporate leadership roles, serial entrepreneurs, and professional coaches—each with unique strengths and experiences to create a remarkable opportunity to plan for growth and to support you for the next step in your career---where ever that may take you.  We created LatinaVIDA™ partly out of love for the work we do and partly out of a frustration that during our lifetimes we have not seen enough progress or change in the overall status of Latinas in the nation.  The stereotypes about Latinas remain in place, there are few role models, and we continue to see painful statistics about our community.  Yet true to our culture of strength and faith, Latinas are leading the nation in creating a new small business, more of us are entering colleges and universities, and the economic base of Latinos is approaching $1.2 Trillion. We are seeing important trends that can be leveraged effectively to give the Latino community a voice in corporate America, to bring our innovative spirit to address key social issues, and to strengthen communities.  These efforts all require leadership skills and life skills that need to be shared with us.  We look forward to making LatinaVIDA™ a remarkable life to affirm experience for you that empowers you to succeed. 

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